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Thousands turn out to celebrate All-Ireland winners Meath

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Yesterday was a day that me the ladies senior football team will never forget back-to-back all-ireland titles is a fantastic achievement but today more memories were made as the people of meath show their love and respect for the royals for the team that has simply won their hearts they're better than the men.

Better than the men yeah they're savage yeah yeah they're like lads in the 1990s aren't they yeah i remember that i remember them proudest punch i'm delighted i couldn't be happier who's your favorite player emma duggan.

Thank you i'm a blow into knavin from calvin but i have me children now so they've adopted me i'm from navin and i love to meet ladies 100 in excess of 5 000 gathered in the fair green and naval this afternoon to welcome home the champions and when they.

Did arrive the welcome the scenes were awesome like we never expected a big crowd like this and just to see the flags flying high it's just it's amazing see all the young kids high fiving us when we're coming in it's just words can't subscribe it's just great to be able to do it like last year we weren't able to do a cove but or.

Anything we had to go around to different clubs but it's fantastic just to see now i've been filled with young boys and girls for oral ali today was extra special it was her 21st birthday definitely the best birthday i've had and the best present ever that you could ever wish for haven't changed your mind about going to australia.

No but i'll definitely be back to put on a new jersey next year for the two in a row ireland champions this was a homecoming they will never forget perhaps it's because mead lost several intermediate all-ireland finals perhaps it's because they stuck with it and have now got two oil islands back to back but.

If you want heart determination passion and pride then all the qualities of the people are me they're now reflected in this team and they were rewarded with a heartwarming homecoming this afternoon martial rcrt news navin county mead

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