Thousands in P.E.I. still without power as residents clear Fiona damage

Thousands in P.E.I. still without power as residents clear Fiona damage

Tree by tree branch by Branch the cleanup of post-tropical storm Fiona seems endless two weeks later reminders are everywhere and glimpses of recovery so close I can knock out every wind in my house and see lights every direction but not in here every day Stephen.

McKenna hauls gas to his generator he has a heart condition and still no electricity I took a shower the other day but it was some gold he’s not alone everybody in this subdivision is in the same boat for over a week Christina grigos has been cooking outside on this it’s her only option and just one way the loss of power hit her.

Everything got lost in the fridge all our food is is gone around 10 000 Maritime electric customers are still in the dark and some could be for another week even though more than 200 crews are out working the damage is extensive and taking longer than expected to repair what’s worse the province has now issued a warning coming weather might cause.

More trees to fall in Western Pei Evangeline school is still closed it’s easy to see why the roof is gone inside is a mess next week students will move to a new location just down the road I call the festival grounds for us it’s going to be our new Mini Evangeline campus this school can be fixed though the national park might be.

A different story Dunes have disappeared and the coast will never look the same the impact has been very Stark and it’s very obvious and I think everyone’s you know a little bit sad about what has been lost but also pretty determined to to recover from this and to move forward for now that’s all Islanders can do continue to pick up the pieces Fiona.

Left behind and keep their fingers crossed a storm like that one never hits again CBC News Charlottetown

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