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‘The lady IS for turning’: Liz Truss U-turns on public sector pay plan

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “‘The lady IS for turning’: Liz Truss U-turns on public sector pay plan” here is their detail.

There's no doubting the momentum behind Liz Trust cheered on an extra last night she delivered her latest pledge to the party faithful this is partly about challenging not just the treasury Orthodoxy but the White Horse Orthodoxy and getting things done and I'm prepared to break up eggs to make The Omelette.

Today though a policy misstep has unraveled Liz truss pledged a civil service shake-up that would save 11 billion pounds a year 8.8 billion of which would come by adjusting wages for regional jobs effectively paying government workers Less in poorer parts of the country the backlash came almost immediately.

Well the policy of cutting the pay for Northern teachers police officers and civil servants seems like a Surefire way to lose the next general election and the idea that the north should some people in the north should somehow be paid less compared to counterparts in the Southeast for doing the same job is completely counter-intuitive to the.

Leveling up agenda that as experts warn it to make the savings a plan would impact not just government departments but teachers nurses police officers allies rallied to defend it we need a smaller civil service we have 91 000 more people working for the Civil Service than we did in 2016 we need to get back to the 2016 level that on its.

Own will save about three and a half billion pounds potentially more but it's not just the civil services it's list trust is also talking about anyone's pay for the governments that involves teachers that involves police officers involves nurses doesn't it that's not that's not the plan the discussion at the moment is around is around civil.

Servants soon after there came this a statement from Team trust saying over the last few hours there's been a willful misrepresent annotation of our campaign current levels of public sector pay will absolutely be maintained anything to suggest otherwise is simply wrong our hard-working Frontline staff are the Bedrock of society and there'll.

Be no proposal taken forward on Regional pay boards the civil servants or public sector workers a U-turn seized on by team sunac this uh policy would have been disastrous because it would have meant that many public sector workers nurses police officers and others would have faced a potential serious pay cut Liz trust reportedly lobbied for.

Regional pay when she worked in the treasury four years ago a source close to Russia sunax campaign said the policy wasn't a mistake it was the timing that was a big part of the problem talking about public sector pay in the middle of a cost of living crisis team trust publicly point to Richie sunax u-turns but privately her allies admit that this.

Has been badly handled this was the first real stumble in Liz truss's campaign and it comes on the week where ballots arrive on Tory doorsteps this is unlikely to derail Liz truss's campaign she Remains The Firm favorite but it has raised questions about the competence and the Judgment of the woman likely to be the next prime minister Ali Ford skew.

Sky News and just to alert you that later this week Rishi sunak and Liz truss will both take part in a live special program the battle for number 10 here on Sky News it will be hosted by K Burley on Thursday at eight o'clock

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