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The flu is spiking in Idaho

Experts are hoping it is winding down.

The flu is spiking in Idaho

And welcome to the news at six I’m Doug petcash Morgan Romero has the day off three viruses make up the so-called triple demick this year covid RSV and the flu Idaho is seeing a spike in one of those right now the flu Primary Health says the positivity rate for influenza in Idaho is higher than the national average right now NewsChannel.

7’s Jude Binkley talked with Primary Health about why we’re seeing this jump Doug Primary Health says that last week they saw 660 flu cases with a 44 percent positivity rate and that’s higher than the national average which is about 25 percent now this time last year Primary Health says the positivity rate they saw was just 11 percent Primary Health says.

They’re hoping the current rate has plateaued much like it appears that RSV has but Dr Ann Weiss says this is still a very unique flu season compared to last year you know I just wanted to give people perspective on last week we saw 660 flu cases in our clinics and whereas we saw 180 covid.

Cases and so you know those numbers used to be flipped the numbers used to be very very high for covid but they’re they’re still there but a lot less than flu right now Dr Weiss says we’re also seeing more hospitalizations due to the flu especially with older adults Idaho has.

Had nine flu deaths this season and those who died were all over 50 years old Dr Weiss also said that it’s never too late to get a flu shot you get good protection from the flu two weeks after the shot so you could be protected by the first week of the new year it’s good to know good to know Jude also thank you very much.