Thailand mourns children murdered in massacre

Thailand mourns children murdered in massacre

Toys and bottles of milk any reminder of their young lives now symbolize the magnitude of loss a two-year-old Who Loved dinosaurs another little boy who loved cars harrowing scenes at a temple in Northern Thailand on Saturday as distraught families prepared to lay to rest the.

Victims of the country’s worst massacre in one of the most Unthinkable places relatives United in numb grief sat beside the tiny coffins of their loved ones they were murdered at this daycare when authorities say a former policeman armed with a knife and gun set out on a rampage in a room full of napping children he then returned home and shot.

His wife and stepson before killing himself police are interviewing neighbors as investigators and the devastated Community grapple with unanswered questions like why it happened this woman hid with her four children when they heard gunshots she says she had to cover her son’s.

Mouth to keep him quiet fearing her family would be next the attacker had been fired over drug allegations and was facing trial in the latest update the police chief says no drugs were found in the attacker’s system at the time of his death that was one potential Avenue investigators were looking at as they try to piece together how this horrific.

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