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Text messages help find missing boy in Sydney city | Today Show Australia

Text messages help find missing boy in Sydney city | Today Show Australia

Thanks Alex on Tuesday Morning eleven-year-old Daniel Huxtable who has autism and is non-verbal vanished from Sydney’s darling Harbor during a visit to the aquarium but just a few hours later with the help of text messages to the public as well as the assistance of polar Daniel was found Safe and Sound on the other side of the city for more we.

Are joined Now by Daniel’s parents Allison and David Huxtable as well as Inspector Wayne Ashworth from the New South Wales police Alison good morning to you thanks so much for being with us this morning too often stories like this do not end on a good note you must have been so relieved when he was found.

Yeah yeah there’s no words to describe the relief and mental exhaustion and everything that we went through so it was really the most amazing result David can you take us through that moment when you realized that Daniel was missing we were talking about it this morning you know that must be one of the most Dreadful feelings you can have as a.

Parent yeah um Brooke even you sort of introduced introducing us um I’m actually just choking up again to be honest uh it was um yeah it was uh I I’d sort of uh got the call um from pop and uh and sort of just.

Headed down to the aquarium and The Aquarium guys were awesome and uh and I was I was holding it together okay but then it just just the the few times we were asked to describe what he was wearing and uh to a few people and it all just started to to become real and um and at that point yeah it really it really took hold.

Um so yeah it was yeah terrifying um you felt helpless and hopeless really and Allison especially knowing that you know he is non-verbal and that he doesn’t communicate in the same way that other children do and so that search becomes infinitely more difficult doesn’t it oh incredibly difficult.

Um more if you saw a neurotypical child without mum and dad they would clearly be distressed they would ask for help but Danny was just having a regular day he was walking with purpose he looked like he knew where he was going and I think that’s why not no one stopped to check he just yeah he looked like he was where he was supposed to be.

Well we’re so grateful that he was found inspector Daniel was found in North Sydney a few hours later were you able to piece together how he ended up there yeah so we we stood up the command post almost immediately uh and with a view to to allocate resources all the way up to uh Hornsby I looked at the log this morning there.

Were some 51 decisions made in relation to locating Young Daniel in essence we followed CCTV as you’ve said holla was up the public were good after the ga message went out we’re able to get information from that and luckily Daniel was just um riding up and down on the train so so so luckily um hey guys how is how is.

He doing now is he all right he hasn’t missed a beat really he came home yesterday and asked for a bowl of ice cream asked to go to the beach with his dad and this morning he woke up jumped on the trampoline and he’s having a great day oh he’s having a great school holidays for being with us.

We’re all so happy that he was found safe and sound Alex g’day Today Show viewers thanks for watching YouTube our YouTube channel is fantastic subscribe now for brand new videos every day and exclusive bonus Clips come on you know you want to