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Tensions over Taiwan: Need to avoid accidents and miscalculations, says Vivian Balakrishnan

Tensions over Taiwan: Need to avoid accidents and miscalculations, says Vivian Balakrishnan

A china and the u.s are not looking for conflict over the issue of taiwan but both sides need to take a stand for political reasons which runs the risk of accidents and miscalculations singapore’s foreign affairs minister vivian balakrishnan made this point at the close of the asean ministerial meetings in phnom penh speaking to the.

Media he warned latest developments reflect a dangerous divergence between the u.s and china liang wikit reports a warm welcome for the asean’s top diplomats who gathered for ministerial meetings in phnom penh during the week but the spotlight largely fell on u.s house speaker nancy pelosi’s visit to taiwan which cast a shadow over the.

Meetings china angered by the visit is holding large-scale military drills near taiwan a move that the u.s has slammed singapore’s foreign affairs minister vivian balakrishnan warns that this is a dangerous moment for the world i would say actually both china and america are actually not looking for conflict.

But both sides for political reasons need to take a stand now the main danger and i said this to state councillor wang yesterday the main danger is you’ve got a lot of ships and planes and missiles massed around there there is a danger even though i know you don’t want to go to war but there is a.

Danger of accidents and miscalculations dr balakrishnan earlier met china’s foreign minister wang yi and u.s secretary of state anthony blinken separately on the sidelines of the asean meetings he also met miss pelosi when she was in singapore earlier this week so i had a good opportunity to assess.

What was going on so let me just say a few things number one although this is not the first visit by the us speaker to taiwan i mean it occurred actually 25 years ago but actually this visit occurred at a.

Very sensitive time politically sensitive time for both china and the us and i’m sure that has also contributed to raising the temperature and the tensions on the crowd closer to home the bloc’s foreign.

Ministers focused on the myanmar crisis taking a more decisive path asan issued a joint communique giving the myanma military until november to show progress on an agreed peace plan known as the five-point consensus it added that the block was deeply disappointed by its lack of commitment in implementing the peace plan noting.

The recent executions of four opposition activists the bloc’s foreign ministers also cited an article in the asean charter which would allow the asean leaders at the summit to make a decision on myanmar without a need for consensus now what this means is that if the miami rami does not make any progress in the.

Five-point consensus then myanmar will not have a say in asean’s next steps against it but let’s not jump the gun because if for instance in the remaining few months they actually stop the violence engage across the political spectrum.

Give access to our special envoy in particular let him meet with sansuchi i think those will be positive steps and we don’t need to go you know into other things which you know.

I i i remain pessimistic about what additional pressure would do the block also spoke to various dialogue partners over the week us and india for instance will upgrade their ties to a higher diplomatic level.

Known as a comprehensive strategic partnership in november already asean has established such ties with china and australia and the block is planning to do the same with the us this year as asean chair cambodia closes the 55th asean foreign ministers meeting they’ll be looking to host the bloc’s leaders in.

November at the asean summit long market cnn our u.s secretary of state anthony blinken and singapore’s foreign minister dr vivian balakrishnan met on the sidelines of the asean foreign minister’s meeting and they discussed developments in the taiwan strait dr balakrishnan says that things could take.

An escalatory spiral and destabilize the region dr balakrishnan however welcomed the u.s continued engagement in the region and said that he looks forward to the early conclusion of an open inclusive and flexible indo-pacific economic framework on singapore u.s relations both of them reaffirmed what was described.

As an excellent and long-standing partnership they also acknowledged good momentum in high-level exchanges between both countries dr balakrishnan has invited secretary blinken to visit singapore

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