Tech Talk: Meta warns of password-stealing phone apps | Facebook | Malicious Apps

Tech giant Meta said it has notified a million Facebook users that their usernames and passwords might have been stolen after downloading one of over 400 malicious Android and iOS smartphone apps. #TechTalk #Meta #Facebook About Channel: WION The World is One News, examines global issues with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the

Tech Talk: Meta warns of password-stealing phone apps | Facebook | Malicious Apps

If you are a Facebook user you must pay attention to what I’m going to tell you next your account may have been exposed to some malicious smartphone apps these apps are designed to hijack users Facebook account credentials and steal passwords in fact meta is warning 1 million users who may have used these apps so far this year meta has.

Identified more than 400 militias apps tailored for smartphones these apps were listed on Apple’s app store and the Google Play Store these third-party apps are disguised as photo editors games VPN Services business apps and other utilities to treat people into downloading them the apps often ask people to log in with their Facebook.

Accounts to use promised features but it is merely a means of stealing Facebook users account information matter says it has shared the details with Apple and Google companies which control what is offered on their app stores both Apple and Google have confirmed that all of the apps identified by meta have been removed.

From their respective app stores now we suggest if you use Facebook change your password immediately to prevent any further damage Leon is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move