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Taiwan Will Not Back Down From Military Threats: President Tsai

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Taiwan Will Not Back Down From Military Threats: President Tsai” here is their detail.

I would like to take this opportunity to explicitly express to you taiwan's key principles in facing uncertainties first facing deliberately heightened military threats Taiwan will not back down we will firmly uphold our nation's sovereignty and continue to hold the line of defense for democracy at the same time we wish to cooperate.

And work in unity with all democracies around the world to jointly Safeguard democratic values second we will do whatever it takes to strengthen taiwan's self-defense capability Taiwan is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and we will make Taiwan a key stabilizing.

Force for regional security ensuring a free and open indo-pacific as well as the stable development of global trade and Supply chains is third Taiwan is a reliable and untrustworthy Cooperative partner of the United States we will continue to work with the U.S Congress as well as the.

Administration to strengthen cooperation in areas such as indo-pacific security Economic Development Talent cultivation and Supply chains so as to further Elevate Taiwan U.S relations once again I welcome speaker Pelosi and the delegation to Taiwan thank you for taking concrete actions to show your staunch support for Taiwan at this.

Critical moment and for expressing the US's consistent policy supporting taiwan's self-defense

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