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Taiwan tensions: Could Taiwan defend itself against China?

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Taiwan tensions: Could Taiwan defend itself against China?” here is their detail.

So according to china there are six areas around taiwan where they're conducting live exercises at the moment and according to uh taiwan they've seen a lot of the um uh chinese aircraft fast yet operate often out to the to the west as well undoubtedly this is a bit of saber rattling um and but it's a complex history taiwan which we don't really.

Have time to go into today suffice to say taiwan is about the size of wales but one of the most densely populated uh countries in the world it's not just it's in the south china sea but it's not just about taiwan it's 168 little islands that are part of of taiwan as well and it's got real military significance because if you can.

Uh populate islands that are off your shore you can militarize them and therefore extend your boundaries and your borders provide greater security for china back in 1941 taiwan was used by the japanese to launch the attacks on pearl harbor and general macarthur at the time said it was almost an unsinkable aircraft carrier such was its.

Strategic importance in the region it's also china lacks any deep water ports in the north west and northeast sorry of the south china sea so its submarine fleet have to do the last element of their journey to port on the surface which is clearly not ideal whereas taiwan has some deep water ports would therefore if china was to dominate.

Taiwan they would be able to have free access into the pacific and also dominate the whole southern region since the second world war taiwan's enjoyed a degree of independence it's not recognized university as an independent state um but the people there it's it's been become democratic and it's had an.

Economic revolution and therefore there's a generation of people 24 million i think of them that live in the island they've enjoyed the wealth the freedom prosperity that that entails so from a political perspective there's a really interesting balance here china wants to assimilate taiwan back into china but wants to do it peacefully but.

Absolutely does not want to see taiwan become independent with everything that might involved and that's why we've got seen this u.s policy of strategic ambiguity over the last few years and and if there was an attempt by china to seize the island could taiwan defend itself easily or what would be the case there well from a purely.

Military perspective this is a david against the goliath of of china china has a standing army of 2 million taiwan has a standing army less than 10 that size china has 2400 modern uh fast jet aircraft next generation oozing uh technology taiwan has about 450 and they are very old airplanes and the china has.

The biggest navy in the world so that would dominate the whole region so how would taiwan manage its security it would look to friends it would look to allies and that's why it's cultivated a friendship with the us over the years the challenge though really is would the u.s come to its age should anything happen and of course uh as is happening.

With russia invading ukraine nato is being very clear not to get directly involved so china will have assessed that so from a military perspective looks quite bleak the one positive is that taiwan is an island and therefore any assault would have to be an amphibious assault if you want to clock back to the second world war of overlord.

When we had to liberate france we only had a gap of 20 miles not 100 miles and any uh invasion force would be really really vulnerable so it's it's it's a difficult equation from a military perspective and and what's next what can we expect to happen in the coming days well bunkley the tensions the region have been around for a long time um and.

I think what's heightened at the moment is the russian invasion of ukraine because china has long had ambitions about taiwan but wouldn't really have known what the west's response would be have seen what's happened with russia going to ukraine has seen the fact that america has not got directly intervened and therefore there is a risk and let's.

Face it ukraine is a sovereign nation whereas taiwan is not recognized as such so and there's no question that china might have felt emboldened in this strategic balance but china will also be well aware that the three pillars of this are military where they have an advantage but economic and diplomatic are really interesting the west has been.

Very unified in its response to his sanctions against russia if that was to happen against china and china does most of its trade most of its economic wealth comes from its export trade that would have a devastating effect on china and likewise the u.s will have been concerned that the delicate balance in the region might have been upset by.

China misinterpreting the actions in ukraine so undoubtedly the rhetoric has been increased from america they want to make sure that chinese do not misunderstand that they fully understand the risks and nancy pelosi's visit whilst provocative is undoubtedly part of that balancing and from a military perspective there's a piece that's.

Existed for 80 years i can't see any reason at the moment why that piece will get disrupted sean bell as always thanks so much

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