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Taiwan crisis: China sanctions Nancy Pelosi, her immediate family

Taiwan crisis: China sanctions Nancy Pelosi, her immediate family

china’s foreign ministry has announced sanctions against u.s house speaker nancy pelosi after her visit to taiwan the ministry said pelosi was seriously interfering in china’s internal affairs and undermining china’s sove unity and territorial integrity with the visit and that beijing would impose sanctions on.

Pelosi and her immediate family without giving further details such sanctions are mostly symbolic in nature china also announced that more than 100 warplanes and 10 warships have taken part on day 2 of the continuing military drill on taiwan strait the official state press agency of china.

Said that fighters bombers destroyers and frigates were all used in what it called joint blockage operations taking place in six zones off the coast of taiwan which china claims as its own territory nancy pelosi said that china will not be allowed to isolate taiwan by preventing u.s officials from traveling there and.

We will not allow them to isolate taiwan they are not doing our travel schedule her remarks came after her meeting with the japanese prime minister as part of her asian tour pelosi told reporters that her visits to asian countries including taiwan were not about changing the status quo in the region.

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