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Suspect in Idaho murders returns West to face charges | Nightline

Idaho quadruple murder suspect Brian coburger greeting his attorney with a smile today at his first appearance in an Idaho courtroom the highly anticipated hearing nearly two months after the brutal stabbing deaths of four roommates coburger nodding along as the judge read the charges against him one by one count two.

Alleges that you committed the felony offense of Murder in the first degree and a maximum penalty for that offense if you plead guilty or are found guilty is dead and or imprisonment for life do you understand yes morning everybody after the hearing the heartbroken Gonzales family left without speaking.

But their lawyer addressed the media it’s obviously an emotional time for the family seeing the defendant for the first time this is the beginning of the criminal justice system and the family will be here for the Long Haul it comes as authorities unsealed an explosive 18-page affidavit laying out.

The evidence used to arrest coburger for the murders of four University of Idaho students all these details are coming out now because coburger finally appeared in an Idaho court and under Idaho law the Affidavit of probable cause for the arrest cannot be made public until the defendant appears and now we know all of these investigative.

Tools that were brought to bear so that police are convinced they have the right person investigators recovering DNA from the button snap on an empty sheath for a military-style knife it was found in bed next to the bodies of best friends Kaylee gonzalves and Madison Mogan police later linking that DNA to Brian coburger by collecting his father’s DNA.

From that trash outside the family’s home and matching it to their sample from the crime scene the authorities were sitting on the home in the Poconos for four days before they moved in to make the arrest and we now know why they wanted in part to collect some trash to see what DNA samples they could pull off of it so they could test it and make.

Sure they had the right person did anybody do their tourist s with friends seen last November inside their home just weeks before the murders of 21 year old roommates Madison Mogan Kaylee Gonzalez 20 year old Zannah Coronado and zenna’s boyfriend Ethan Chapin and for the first time we’re hearing the chilling account from one of.

Two roommates who survived she was on the same floor as two of the victims who were killed Zanna Coronado and Ethan Chapin telling police she was woken by a noise at 4am hearing Kaylee say something like there’s someone here then she heard crying from zanna’s room followed by a male voice saying it’s okay I’m going to help you she opened.

Her door and stood Frozen as a man wearing black clothing and a mask that covered the person’s mouth and nose walking towards her describing him as 5 10 or taller not very muscular but athletically built with bushy eyebrows authorities say that roommate was in shock what they don’t explain is why it took another eight hours for police to.

Get a 9-1-1 call from the house police believe co-burger turned his phone off during the murders at 2 47 am the phone dropping off the cell network near his home in Pullman Washington then reconnecting at 4 48 a.m near the crime scene police mapping out his likely route to the house they say cell phone data also shows coburger was near the.

Victim’s home at least a dozen times before the murders and the morning after around 9 15 nearly three hours before that 9-1-1 call was made we have information of a white vehicle that was in the area by the time police had turned to the public for help finding that white Elantra that was spotted multiple times in the area a coburger.

Had already been identified by campus police at Washington State an officer there locating his car and noting he had those bushy eyebrows matching the description of the murder suspect five days after the murders coburger changed his license plate from Pennsylvania to Washington when his car’s registration was up for renewal.

You can see that new plate during those two traffic stops in Indiana when coburger was pulled over on his 2500 mile drive back to Pennsylvania hours days so do me a favor don’t follow too close okay all right thank you then finally on December 30th authorities arrested co-burger at his parents home in a gated.

Community in Monroe County Pennsylvania co-workers public defender there Jason LeBar telling ABC News a SWAT team surrounded the home breaking the door this all began back on November 12th a Saturday night in college as friends headed out to local bars and parties Keely Gonzalez and Madison Mogan newly 21 went to the popular campus bar the.

Corner Club around 10 pm it was just a party setting so everyone was just socializing with each other and with Kaylee she seems like her usual bubbly self so nothing suspicious investigators say the two young women left the corner Club around 1 30 A.M by 140 10 minutes later Kaylee and Madison were seen laughing and taking.

Pictures as they ordered from a food truck in downtown Moscow I can just tell just fire body language that she was she was definitely feeling pretty good and I was I wish I could have been there and given him a hug at 1 56 a.m the pair arrived home getting a ride from what Steve described as a sorority designated driver service.

According to authorities their roommate Zanna Coronado and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin were at a fraternity party earlier that same night but also returned to That off-campus Home by 1 45 am I hope people understand how all these kids that were a part of this were doing everything right they were going to be the type of people that you wanted.

Be your neighbor authorities revealing today Zanna received a door Dash order around 4 AM and that the murders happened within the next 25 minutes but their bodies not discovered for another eight hours some had defensive wounds and each had multiple um.

Each had been stabbed multiple times the suspect had been studying for his PhD in criminology at Washington State University he had worked as a teacher’s assistant there until the end of the semester a month after the murders police searching his apartment in Pullman a 15-minute drive from the crime scene in Moscow recent students of his.

Speaking out one saying his appearance changed around the time of the murders he looked a little bit more disheveled if he had like some stubble coming on his hair was a little you know messed up or whatever I remember seeing him and thinking like oh man you know finals must be really getting to him and according to the affidavit DNA was key.

In placing co-burger at the scene we can reverse engineer anyone’s identity based on who they share DNA with CC Moore is a genetic genealogist who pioneered the Technologies used to investigate genealogy and says she has worked with law enforcement to solve more than 250 criminal cases when you perpetrate this type of.

Incredibly violent crime it’s virtually impossible not to leave your DNA behind today’s affidavit a starting point one thing we should be listening for is whether police can establish a motive will we ever learn why Brian coburger decided allegedly to kill these four college students the affidavit doesn’t make clear in police so far haven’t said.

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