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Supreme Court makes 5-4 ruling in immigration decision

Back in a five to four decision the Supreme Court today suspended the order to end title 42 which is keeping around 18 000 migrants a day from entering the U.S ABC’s zareen Shaw has more on what happens between now and when the Supreme Court plans to take up the case in February in a major decision the Supreme Court.

Now blocking lifting title 42 the trump-era policy put in place during the pandemic to prevent migrants at the border from seeking Asylum 19 republican-led States tried to intervene to keep title 42 on the books the court citing with those states that asked the court to weigh in saying if they didn’t it would likely lead to disruption and.

Temporary increase and unlawful border crossings it’s estimated that as many as 18 000 migrants could enter the country each day if title 42 was lifted according to Homeland Security officials the court now agreeing to reconvene in February to decide a long-term future of title 42 and whether it stays in place as he left the White House President.

Biden commenting on the Court’s decision to not take up the case until next year in the meantime we have to enforce it but I think it’s overdue in a statement earlier the President also saying his administration will prepare for the Court’s review and call for Congress to pass broader immigration in reform and tonight DHS releasing a statement saying.

We will continue to manage the Border but we do so within the constraints of a decades-old immigration system that everyone agrees is broken we need Congress to pass the comprehensive immigration reform legislation President Biden proposed the day he took office zorin Shah ABC News Los Angeles

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