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Support PM fully if people must make do with ‘chaotic’ govt, Waytha tells Loke

Support PM fully if people must make do with ‘chaotic’ govt, Waytha tells Loke

Foreign advancement party president P vedamurthy said pakatan Harappan should give prime minister Ismail Sabri yakub its full support if it believes that the public should accept the current government recently the AP Secretary General loksufo had said Malaysia must make do with the current chaotic government as.

It is not feasible to hold the general election in the coming months while noting that it was crucial to elect a capable government to resolve the problems plaguing the nation look said holding ge-15 soon would only burden the people as the monsoon season was approaching in a statement today Veda said if there.

Was a need to maintain a chaotic government then the entire pH must give Ismail a blanket mandate to govern without hindrance until the situation is conducive for elections look is insulting the intelligence of the People by blowing hot and cold as and when it suits him Veda said Veda A former National Unity Minister also said that.

Unless the government had a strong mandate to act boldly it would not be able to tackle issues such as the rising cost of living the weakening Ringgit and the economic problems faced by the b40 community foreign