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SUBJECTIVE LAWS! πŸ₯΄πŸš¨ Dean Saunders reacts to Manchester City’s disallowed goal vs Liverpool yesterday

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool beat Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City 1-0 tonight in the Premier League. talkSPORT’s Dean Saunders, Laura Woods and Sam Ellard discuss! Want content first & fastest? βœ… SUBSCRIBE here: Enjoyed this video? 😍 Check out some of our BEST stuff! ⚽ INCREDIBLE CALLπŸ”₯ You have to hear this π™šπ™₯π™žπ™˜ call from a

SUBJECTIVE LAWS! πŸ₯΄πŸš¨ Dean Saunders reacts to Manchester City’s disallowed goal vs Liverpool yesterday

It feels like the main talking point was about the disallowed goal and how the referee let a lot go at anfield but didn’t let go the shirt pull um not coming to you first Laura on this um was it a foul did he make the right decision to not allow the gold to stand I thought it was a little bit soft if I’m honest but if you’re gonna say.

That’s a foul that one there I thought there were other decisions in the game like Bernardo on on Salah with the like a a much clearer show well the club wasn’t happy about that one that I I thought that that probably should have been given profile at least and I don’t know I look I I thought that you were going to sort of allow a few more things.

To happen this season I thought you could be a little bit more physical um but it’s one of those things isn’t it we keep coming up against these decisions at the weekends where you almost go I can see why I was given but if it wasn’t given equally I could kind of see that way as well I thought it was quite 50 50. uh it’s chaos now I think.

They’ve decided that the football’s becoming non-contact which nobody likes watching so they’ve started to throw a rules in now subjective laws like we’re gonna let a few things go what does that mean so one referee refs the game like that I thought you left the re the game great but then next week what’s going to.

Happen when the when the ref gives fouls for everything so referees are trying to let the game Flow a lot more I think we have seen that this year haven’t we no not just yesterday anfield yeah but so next week yeah so are you on the same page as Anthony Taylor well I hope so because you can’t have one game files have been.

Let go and then the next game nothing’s a foul it’s just they just throw the law up in the air and make it subjective so it’s hard to go back on what they’ve done they started giving files for everything how do you go back to where we were where football used to be competitive because what you’re going to get all week every every game we play.

Now is players squaring up to each other taking the lore into their own hands because the ref’s not giving fouls I’d rather watch the game yesterday wasn’t it why didn’t the fourth official say to Anthony Taylor when he come over come and have a look at this the way you’ve ref the game I don’t think it’s a foul the way you’ve rough the game but.

It is a foul it is a foul he’s pulled his shirt yeah it’s a foul isn’t it but he wasn’t giving fouls so now we’ve got chaos um a result the football had prayed for is a headline by Dave Matic in the mirror this morning he says it wasn’t so much an improvement from Liverpool more a complete transformation and it’s.

Probably no exaggeration to suggest this was precisely what English football so desperately needed to ensure the Premier League doesn’t become another man city possession I think you obviously want to Liverpool to win as an Arsenal fan woodsy but Dino is that fair because there’s a worry this season that we all think at some point City will go on one.

Of their ridiculous runs where they win 15 20 in a row but does that result yesterday just give the chasing pack Spurs Arsenal maybe Liverpool Chelsea a little bit more hope yeah I think I think it was a great result for Liverpool they needed it they’re in big trouble but I thought Man City played really well and if Man City player like.

That every week they won’t lose many games and they will still pull away but um arsenals are doing great and are we going to be still saying when an Arsenal gonna start winning in Christmas time is it nine out of ten yeah first time it’s been done and we did say our Tata look what happens you give a manager a bit of time.

Yep look what happens he’s about to sack him people call him would you call him for his head I actually was one that never was and now he’s got time to mold a team together and put mistakes right he’s even got Jacka not getting sent off yeah sorted that out do you think teams are you know I’ll use maybe Gerard Villa you know.

Um uh do you think teams are looking at what our Ted has done and think hang on a minute our store was so close to sacking him they’re now top of the league fans love him playing great football our other teams may be looking asked or thinking oh let’s use Gerard as an example give him a little bit more time to try and turn things around I.

Think I think with the Arsenal thing I think we think that he was close to being sacked but I’m not sure that behind the scenes it was like that because it’s quite an understanding um it’s quite an understanding hierarchy at Arsenal and there’s a really good relationship with vinyl venkatesh and with edu with everybody behind the.

Scenes and Michaela arteta so I’m not I’m not 100 convinced that he was about to get the chop um the results the beginning of last season when they won when they lost what was it for in about three in a row yeah Brent for City and Chelsea yeah then I think that was so warped by just the numbers but the city and Chelsea being.

In there of course at the time that those teams were better than them so you can understand that um but yeah with with Gerard it’s an interesting one with Gerard as well because the performance if you watch the performance that they put on against Chelsea the scoreline obviously is is too nil and there were some mistakes in.

That game that I don’t think Gerald could really account for himself just players making errors that that he can kind of say look it’s not really I can’t do anything about that these sort of things happen but the performance that they’ll actually put on against um Chelsea would hopefully I think give the fans and get the give the the people.

Above him a bit more hope that he yeah that he does deserve more time um yeah I mean I don’t know do you know do you think so I mean you know management better than anyone in this room and people listening as well are you and are you in the camp that in the Premier League they’ve got to stick with their managers a little bit longer well.

It’s the money in football that’s causing it you know the sheer Panic go through the boardroom when you lose three games we can’t afford to get relegated we can’t afford to get that starts coming oh what we’re going to do what we’re going to do they’ve lost three games but to start the season they were on about Lampard out Gerardo but it.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a Saturday League manager or Sunday League manager if you’re in charge of a football team long enough and you’ve got enough money to put things right you work out what’s costing you points you work out the right back’s costing me every week I need another one if you’ve got no money to get another one you you’ve got to.

Stay with it for six months till his contract runs out but if you’ve got money to write a check you just got like Man City going right by another right back it was better than the one we’ve got you work out as a manager what’s costing you points it it you can lose your job finding out though losing games and that’s the board.

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