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Storms cause deadly destruction in California

Well tonight in California a state of emergency remains in effect with more than 100 thousand still without power after heavy rains and catastrophic flood waters pounded the state the death toll continues to grow including a toddler who died when a tree fell on his home CBS Jonathan bigliotti is in Sacramento County.

Are devastating California battered yet again storm surge washing away this pier in Santa Cruz powerful winds uprooting trees heavy damage and a heavy toll overnight North of San Francisco a redwood tree fell onto a mobile home in a frantic father came out of the household of the child and he said my.

Child’s not breathing that toddler died in Sacramento County one man told us he had been searching for his sister for three days later emergency crews found her body in a submerged car already swollen Rivers now overflowing while raging Creeks are prompting numerous rescues this dog saved by a swift water team in.

Southern California just too much rain on already saturated ground San Francisco normally gets four and a half inches of rain for the entire month of January they’ve nearly tripled that amount in less than a week this satellite view shows not just one storm but a parade of them one after another after another new concern tonight in.

Montecito where a deadly mudslide five years ago killed 23. the area still vulnerable there are some consequences of living in this beautiful place and the pace of this storm was much faster than expected which helped minimize believe it or not the damage there is a break in the weather crews are using it to assess all of this.

Destruction and clean up Nora before another round wow you really get a sense of how much water is there Jonathan mcgliotti thank you so much

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