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Steve Kornacki: Kansas Referendum Brought Out Big Number Of Voters

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Steve Kornacki: Kansas Referendum Brought Out Big Number Of Voters” here is their detail.

Is sending a thunderbolt of a message last night let's go straight to the big board where we find nbc news national political correspondent steve kornacki steve good morning what more can you tell us about what happened in kansas last night yeah look i i think you're covering the big point in terms of turnout here now more than 900 000 votes.

Are counted in this primary typically in a kansas primary at least if you went back just to 2018 when you had competitive primaries on both sides the number was really half of that it was about 450 000 when you've had you've had presidential election general election turnout in kansas in 2012 it was just under 1.2 million in 2016. it was about.

1.2 million and again you're over 900 000 here in a mid-summer primary so i think it shows you the level of interest clearly uh that this referendum brought out among the electorate i think one thing that's interesting here too is yeah you think of kansas as a red state you did go for donald trump by 15 points in 20.

In 2020 in that trump biden election in 2020 five counties in the entire state of kansas five counties voted for joe biden when laura kelly the current democratic governor got elected in 2018 she won statewide she only actually carried eight counties you can see the no side on this referendum is actually going to.

End up carrying 19 counties so that that is a much more sweeping verdict than even the democrat who won the gubernatorial election uh in 2018 got a couple things that stick out to me in this first of all to get a number up near 60 percent where the no is going to land on this they're poor some republicans who voted in the republican.

Primary just mathematically and then voted no on this so there was crossover voting in that direction trying to figure out exactly how much but that's an ingredient that had to be part of this another ingredient though is i think something that democrats have been talking about politically since that supreme court decision to overturn roe.

Versus wade they have been saying that it would have a particular effect in the suburban areas of the country where democrats have been making the biggest inroads over the last decade particularly with college educated voters particularly with college educated female voters in metro areas in suburban areas and so i want to call.

Attention to one county here this is johnson county kansas and actually i mean if you could just do the math in your heads you could see this is the biggest in the state this is a massive suburb suburban metropolitan kansas city county here and the vote was overwhelmingly no 68 percent no in terms of the share of.

The statewide electorate that johnson makes up this is on it's always high this is unusually high right now you're looking at about 27 of all the votes cast in this kansas primary came out of this county johnson county more typically that number is going to be between 20 and 25. so that shows an extreme level of interest in.

Just the place democrats were saying after that supreme court ruling that you would have new political engagement or higher political engagement and now the question if democrats were right about that point the question is this is a referendum on abortion what democrats have also been saying is that this sentiment this energy will attach itself.

To the general election to the democrat versus republican races in the general election i don't know if that's the case but just take a closer look here at johnson county because i think this is so fascinating there are counties like this all across the country big suburban counties that have made this kind of a journey over the last decade in 2012.

Johnson was just a bedrock republican county the republicans won it by almost 20 points in 2016 donald trump came along trump carried it but by a vastly reduced margin his presidency further alienated the voters in that county and joe biden ended up winning it by more than eight points in 2020 now on this referendum johnson is no by a margin of.

37 points and again what democrats have been saying is there are a lot of johnson counties across the country the suburbs of philadelphia the suburbs of atlanta the suburbs of phoenix places like that where democrats have made similar inroads over the last decade and where they think this issue is going to be resonant is going to give them a.

Boost in the fall it's a two point arguments democrats have been making here i think on the first argument they've been making they've got proof from what happened in johnson county kansas last night that yeah this did bring out a lot of political energy in the suburbs in particular in kansas the second argument they're making is that.

This will resonate as well in the partisan november general elections of democratic candidates republican candidates from a referendum here we can't answer that yet but that's what they're hoping for we'll see if that's what happens well let's look at just steve if you can let's look at the journey.

Uh that the republican party has taken uh in this one county from mitt romney's election in 2012 to what happened last night and this really underlines uh we had reporting that donald trump was just aghast when republicans started passing uh what they the anti.

Anti-choice laws in texas also very concerned that he would be hurt in the areas where republicans were already bleeding support and and sure enough i think a lot of republicans needed to be concerned about that because look at those numbers again you you brought it up that that it's.

Incredible in the decade in just one decade from mitt romney's election night to last night democrats have lost 20 our republicans have lost 26 points uh in in in this county of course we're we're comparing apples and oranges a bit.

Here but but you look at mitt romney's 57 and you look at uh the republicans 31 last night uh that's pretty incredible yeah no and as i say again this is there are counties like this across the country you know you just think of these big suburban counties cobb county in georgia for instance you.

Know that you used to when george w bush was president even when just mitt romney was running in 2012 he used to just look at him on election night and say not if the republicans are going to win but just what's the margin republicans are going to get out of them and that's where republicans have suffered their erosion that was also.

When you think back to 2018 that blue wave in 2018 what keyed it it was suburbs it was metropolitan areas of cities all across the country so when you look here to 2022 and what democrats are trying to pull off in terms of hanging on to the senate and i mean maybe you know having some kind of fighting chance in the house.

It goes through the johnson counties of america so that's why i paid particularly close attention to this but it is also true that if you look at other counties we could just look at counties in rural you know kansas here i i mean again this is what i say there were republicans you know who voted no on this here's just one random county in.

Rural western kansas you know donald trump won 85 percent of the voter joe biden barely got 10 in 2020 the no side got basically triple what biden got you know again this is a win in this county for yes but not nearly the margin republicans have been posting there so that's another ingredient of what happened here in kansas.


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