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State papers: Strong echoes of today’s crises

State papers: Strong echoes of today’s crises

he won the war the secret files released by The National Archives detailed a painful progress of the peace process following the first Ira ceasefire of August 1994. Republicans were disappointed at the pace of events and deeply resented what they viewed as continued Garda harassment shinfang.

Leader Jerry Adams complained to the Irish government that he was under very considerable personal pressure because of what he called the harassment of Republican people by the Garda and the special Branch he told officials Republican activists assumed that Countrywide sweeps undertaken by the Garda were all decided at cabinet level.

And the overall climate was becoming difficult for him to handle in a phone call with t-shock John Brewton Adams delivered a blunt message it has to be stopped worried that the shin Fein leadership could lose control of the wider Republican movement the government arranged for officials in the Department.

Of Justice to hold a special meeting with the guard commissioner to discuss the shinfang claims relations between Republicans and guardi worsened even further after Ira members murdered detective guarder Jerry McCabe in Adair their car was first rammed in the rear by a Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep before three Raiders got out and started firing at.

The guardi they used what guardi described as rapid fire rifles the following year Adams told ministers that the IRA were wrong in the killing of Jerry McCabe and in other killings he said he understood how the guard he felt but added the government needed to have a sense of how heavy is the special Branch presence a similar point was made.

By his colleague Pat Doherty who said Shin Fein were totally aware of the strength of feeling arising from the killing of garden McCabe in Limerick but even allowing for that he claimed the level of arrests and raids for no particular reason in that area was excessive David McCullough RT News

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