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State Papers: 1992, a year of high drama

State Papers: 1992, a year of high drama

I am of Ireland Come Dance With Me in Ireland Robinson won the November 1990 presidential election promising a more outspoken and active approach to the role which soon brought her into conflict with the government Barrister Dermot Gleason advised government that.

The president had no right to say anything in public without government permission the Constitutional scheme clearly envisages that the final word on presidential pronouncements should rest with the government president Robinson told Tisha Charles hahi she had extreme difficulty in accepting such a narrow and restrictive.

Interpretation of the role of the president government officials complained that the president was giving media interviews without informing them and claimed that this would inevitably lead to conflict with the government in February 1992 the president was accused in confidential documents of creating a situation of.

Controversy by commenting publicly on the X case while in March t-shock Albert Reynolds expressed serious concern after the president was reported to have invited Britain’s Queen Elizabeth to visit Ireland in September 1992 president Robinson sought government permission to visit Somalia to draw International attention.

To the famine in that country they need clothes they need shelter they need medical supplies and above all they need the food to survive and I know that more than 100 died since we’ve been here today the government worried about her security given the complete breakdown of civil Authority boss refused her the use.

Of the government yet to get in and out of Somalia because the t-shock needed it for his own official business government at first refused her request to report on the situation to the Secretary General of the United Nations saying it was inappropriate but later relented on the condition that the minister for foreign affairs David Andrews went with.

Her both to Somalia and to New York officials also insisted on making changes to a book president Robinson wrote about her trip to Somalia removing references to sleeping pills because the government was running a drugs awareness campaign at the time as well as a mention of potholes in Irish roads however despite objections president.

Robinson left in criticism of the European Community for not having a presence in Somalia David McCullough our genius

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