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Southwest will ‘fix’ this travel nightmare, not Pete Buttigieg: Duffy

All right chaos at the airports well if you think it’s over it’s not it’s continuing for yet another day nearly 3 000 Southwest Airline flights have now been canceled today alone but remember this Transportation secretary Pete budige said travel issues would be better by the time the holidays rolled around hmm roll tape.

Do you think this issue will be sorted in time for the holidays I think it’s going to get better by the holidays we’re really pressing the airlines to deliver better service yeah how did that turn out for you Sean Duffy joins me now you know Sean this is a transportation secretary who was almost uh absent when it came to the.

Supply chain meltdown now he uh now we have a meltdown of uh Southwest Airlines thousands of people trapped in airports he’s always late to the game isn’t he yeah just to take a walk down history uh Lane uh Ashley you’ll go back a year ago when we had you know ships in ports waiting to come in he was on a paternity leave for four months we didn’t miss him.

He was in Portugal uh what a little over a month ago when we had this uh this straight from the rail workers and now he’s predicting that airline travel is going to work when it actually hasn’t been working as we’ve seen as you mentioned airports uh full of Travelers and all these cancellations you know the problem is when he was the mayor of.

South Bend there were potholes everywhere he couldn’t take care of the infrastructure of South Bend when he was the mayor Hawa and God’s Earth we think he’s going to be a good Transportation secretary I mean by the way this Administration has failed all over it’s not just you know the cancellation on airline flights but you know we’ve seen.

People 35 Plus people die in cars in the in the blizzard in Buffalo we have an open border um they’ve been an absolute disaster whether it’s Joe Biden or people to judge they can’t seem to get their act together and going back to Airlines the fact that you think that that that Pete Buddha judge is going to do an.

Investigation into Southwest Airlines and that’s going to do anything for Southwest Airlines and travel listen Capital markets work uh capitalism Works Southwest has lost considerably um not obviously today as I see but they’ve been down and you know what they’re going to fix this problem they’re going to come back otherwise.

Consumers Flyers are going to go somewhere else Southwest will fix this um people to judge never well yeah uh if he just doesn’t in exactly Inspire confidence but I’m going to move on Sean uh uh to this story a new poll found that 47 of Americans say that U.S influence on the world stage has grown weaker in recent years look at that just.

19 say it’s actually gotten stronger and I question those 19 why do you think our influence is declining Sean you know I think you’ve seen a weak American economy you’ve seen you know American leadership focus on you know things that don’t work whether it’s you know critical race Theory or.

Transgenderism uh these woke ideologies uh you look at our school system our our professors and universities are teaching garbage to our kids I saw my daughter went to the University of Chicago a great school and I saw what she was learning um and what you put in is what you get out and they’re putting in garbage to.

These young kids um you know and I think you put that all together uh and you look at who’s actually you know working for this Administration again they’re more concerned about what the color of your skin is or what you know your sexual preference is or how you identify then how competent you are and the rest of.

The world sees that and again when we go to the open border you can’t control your own border you can’t fly yeah you know airplanes effectively on that with your infrastructure and they look at that and go America is absolutely in Decline and when you’re in Decline your influence goes down and that’s what’s happening around the country and I think.

It’s sad you know you saw with four years of Donald Trump some people love him some people hate him but you saw America On The Rise when you put your country first in your country men first with policies and you grow your economy and you rely on capitalism America is an amazing Place Ashley you know that but if you go back to these systems that.

Have always failed whether in Cuba or Venezuela the old Soviet Union we start doing that here you get the same results of those economies which is failure and then therefore a lack of influence I’ll never forget Donald Trump dressing down NATO uh countries for not paying their fair share it needed to be done and Donald Trump did it they all stood.

There like naughty school kids and I just absolutely love that but you’re absolutely right sure right now we’re a country of appeasement rather than leading through strength Sean Duffy great stuff as always thank you so much

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