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Smart glasses, holographic displays of medical scans among IMDA’s new 5G innovations

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Smart glasses, holographic displays of medical scans among IMDA’s new 5G innovations” here is their detail.

Smart glasses that can identify key data in a shipyard's equipment and holographic displays of 3d organs and scans to help surgeons in the operating theater these are among new 5g projects which the infocomm media development authority is investing in to quickly scale solutions under an existing 30 million dollar fund heidi young with.

More these 5g glasses see it all they capture and stream data about this shipyard's equipment to the command center where a team responds and communicates immediately with the engineer on site this pair of smart glasses helps me to visualize the real-time data of that queen's operations this helps those on.

The ground to make timely decisions of its lifting capacity and it also reduces the frequency that the maintenance teams have to go up the crane capital o m introduced glasses during the pandemic when physical site inspections were disrupted it worked with m1 to implement its own dedicated 5g network to ensure its data is secure.

And its operations can run reliably all these use cases are really feedbacks from the crown all right we kind of recognize that the current process is very labor intensive very manual and.

Therefore there's a drive to leverage on this 5g technology to make the process more efficient the company plans to roll out the smart glasses across its yards operations by the third quarter of next year the other two 5g projects receiving imda support involve holographic displays of medical scans to aid surgeons and an outdoor.

Cinematic quality augmented reality experience at the marina bay area imda says it will support up to 70 percent of qualifying costs for these projects one analyst says singapore is one of the global pioneers in the landscape but more needs to be done for innovation innovation in 5g requires to make the.

Network is part of that innovation cycle it's not about just putting network down and and innovation happens on it a lot of this benefits of 5g technology will come from making sure that network matches the use case being focused on in that geographic area with the game-changing potential going.

Beyond healthcare entertainment and maritime imda hopes to help transform sectors by helping businesses innovate adopt and commercialize the use of 5g

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