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Sky News Breakfast: Christmas travel disruption likely as further strikes take place

Sky News Breakfast: Christmas travel disruption likely as further strikes take place

Very good morning welcome to Sky News breakfast thanks for joining us now passengers are being told to expect disruption at six of the UK’s busiest airports today as border force staff become the latest sector to join a wave of industrial action now the strike involves around a thousand workers who operate passport booths at airports.

Including Heathrow Gatwick Manchester Glasgow and Cardiff there are warnings that arriving passengers could face long queues even longer than normal and may even be held on planes to prevent crowding in terminals as the military and civil servants are drafted in to help cover Sky’s shingy mararike reports another day another strike in this.

Winter of walkouts this time it’s the Border Force potentially grounding parts of Britain’s biggest airports and one Seaport about 1 000 members of Staff who operate possible booths taking action over pay jobs pensions and conditions their Union the PCS are asking for a 10 rise something members like Jack say is a.

Must as this cost of living crisis worsens we’ve got people who can’t afford to go to work they can’t afford to put the fuel in the car or they’re struggling to pay the heating bill in Winter we’re in such an unprecedented position at the moment and for the government to say to us we want you to take a 10 pay cut is.

Something we can’t afford not to take action on that action could come at a cost to Travelers too in the first festive period without covert travel restrictions since the pandemic Aviation data company serum said 1290 flights are scheduled to land at affected airports today on the first day.

Of industrial action over total capacity of more than a quarter of a million passages over the course of these strikes the airports affected are scheduled to see a total of 8910 arrivals equating to over 1.7 million seats strike action by borderful staff at airports means people will be looking to.

Travel from other terminals like Saint Pancras it’s a wave of industrial action part of a December of disruption that’s starting to divide opinion that’s going to cause a lot of stuff like a lot of trouble to not just for like the individuals but for their families it’s going to cause extra stress it’s really.

Exciting to see action being taken and workers sort of uniting to demand better pay and better conditions from their employers earlier this week those demands were made by ambulance staff meaning the military stepped in just like they do again today at the pools with the Border Force walkout taking.

Place every day except one until the new year we now have more travel disruption added to the bigger picture concrete interpreters shinki marike Sky News guys Becky Cottrell is at Gatwick Airport for US this morning good morning to Becky another military and civil servants have been drafted in to help.

With this strike action today by border Force what’s the situation at Gatwick well it’s still quite early in the morning the peak time for incoming flights from International destinations is lunchtime and evening so it’s still a bit wait and see at the moment but I’ve spoken to the airport this morning and they say passengers shouldn’t be too.

Worried yet at worst they could expect Hughes maybe around one to two hours but they don’t expect cancellations maybe delays they can kind of arrange the uh the times that flights arrive so the queues don’t build up too much but certainly no cancellations expected at the moment and the advice from airports other airports too is that passengers.

Should use the e-gates if they can you’re of course can only use those if you have a biometric passport not everyone can use those including children under 12 but as you said there will be members of the military and the Civil Service stepping in to check passports in person these strikes have been targeted at a very busy time of.

Year Christmas a lot of people wanting to get away maybe to warmer destinations especially after the uncertainty we’ve had over the past couple of years with the pandemic and these strikes will take place over six days between now and the end of the year they are hitting Britain’s biggest airports Gatwick Heathrow Birmingham Cardiff Glasgow and.

Manchester but as I say at the moment the airport is saying let’s wait and see and passengers shouldn’t be too worried okay Becky for now thank you Becky Cottrell across the situation at Gatwick for us this morning and of course those order four strikes are just the latest in a wave of industrial action this winter this is where things stand as we.

Approach the end of the month and head into the new year so borderforce staff who are members of the PCS Union well they’re on strike almost every day now between now and New Year’s Eve Royal Mail workers will be back on the picket line again both today and Saturday the rmt union will stage more rail strikes from Christmas Eve until the.

27th of December ambulance workers will have their second strike on the 28th of the month National highways employees are striking today with more planned action later in the week and January strikes confirmed so far include paramedics on the 11th and the 23rd of the month and whale workers will.

Walk out to between the third and the 7th of January now the Royal College of Nursing is set to announce the dates of further new strikes in January to later today after making a final appeal to the government to get around the negotiating table or we can bring in our political correspondent Ali fortiscu for more on.

This certainly a perfect storm of strikes uh this month and over the Christmas period alien it certainly feels like the pain is not going to be overcome the new year no I think things will get worse because the whole point of strike action is to escalate to dial up the action until the government really feels oppression that.

Is why ambulance strikes next month will be longer will involve more people as you say um there were we understand according to the Union’s no talks between the health secretary and the unions yesterday which means that we expect today new days dates for nurses strikes will be announced and the public the NHS strikes.

Are particularly dangerous for the government not just because of the obvious practical implications but because there is a degree of public sympathy polling suggests among Tory voters too so there is a danger obviously for the government and there aren’t a huge number of options we know that we saw an effect in Olive Branch.

Yesterday as a health secretary spoke about the pay review body process for next year suggesting there could be payroll sizes in the spring but not talking about changing anything right now and that obviously hasn’t been enough for the unions they say that they’ve faced real terms pay cuts over a long period of time the governments say.

Um that this is about trying to keep down inflation and both sides are miles apart when it comes to talking about a deal on nurses for example the government talking about less than five percent the unions talking about 19 we saw in Scotland that they’re off of 6.5 didn’t manage to avert future strike action wasn’t a deal that was reached.

With the unions so you can see there just how far the government would have to go if they were to try to stop these strikes from happening so it is difficult for the house secretary it’s difficult for the Prime Minister too he’s been accused of being missing missing in action not showing leadership I think he wants to show that he’s tough.

On the unions he’s talked about tougher laws for the unions but in the shorter medium term that is going to probably not change anything and as the strikes escalate and really start to have an impact on people’s lives that position is going to get harder to hold okay Ali for now thank you well returning to those border Force.

Strikes now and workers have started a week of industrial action over Christmas and into New Year’s Eve well Adam Jones is head of Passenger operations and services at Gatwick Airport a very good morning to you thank you for joining us now this is just the first day of strike action by border force staff only working one day now between now and New.

Year’s Eve how much disruption are you expecting at Gatwick well I’ve just come from the border where everything’s working smoothly with the contingent staff in place we expect passport checks to take a bit longer and we do anticipate some disruption but flights are operating normally arrivals and departures and we expect that to.

Continue and who are Manning the booze that passport control at Gatwick today so there are border force staff who are not striking members of the Armed Forces and volunteers from across the home office who have been trained to operate the Border we also have the 25 e-gates in each terminal they’re operating.

Normally for those of the biometric passport how much training um have the military had to take care of passport control you’d need to ask border force that who operate the Border they’ve been conducting the training and the familiarization but their staff are on the border right now and it’s operating.

Smoothly are you about the terms of who will be most affected during these strikes so at really busy periods we think the disruption May extend to up to two hours at the border just at the peak times as I said anyone who can use egates is advised to use them it’s the quickest.

Way across the border we will have extra Gatwick staff in the immigration Halls helping people get to the right desks or the e-gate and also providing welfare support to any passengers who are having to wait for extended periods which passengers are able to use those e-gates and which ones we’ll have to cue yes so anyone with a biometric symbol on.

Their passport the passport holder has to be 12 years or over and the people from the UK EU countries America Canada Australia New Zealand and a few other countries are able to use them and our concierge staff and immigration Hall will Point those people to the e-gates then get across the border as quickly as possible.

And is most disruption going to impact passengers who are inbound inbound to the UK what about passengers also departing on flights over the next few days are they going to have to leave extra time as well no we expect no impact on departing batteries at all or those arriving into the airport from other UK airports the.

Republic of Ireland the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man the sense of how big how big could be at Gatwick and across other airports in the UK so today is the first day of the strike so we’ll really find out how it works today as I said we do advise passengers to be ready for queuing it could be up.

To two hours so please be prepared bring some food and water ask our staff if you need any assistance but we are confident the airport will operate as normal and flights will arrive and depart on time now is there a risk that airports like Gatwick could be forced to close during these strikes and what would be your message to the unions and to the.

Government so we absolutely see no risk of the airport shutting the board will remain open it is resourced by the contingency staff and we have plans in place if queuing gets excessive just to control the amount of traffic coming into the airport in terms of the strike itself we just.

Encourage all the parts involved to reach a resolution as soon as possible okay Adam Jones we appreciate your time today and best of luck with the coming days thank you thank you and later this hour we’ll be speaking to Mark saw what could the head of the PCS Union which represents striking border.

Force staff let’s take a look at some of the day’s other headlines now and the ministry of justice has ordered a formal review into how a quadruple murderer was handled by probation officers on Wednesday Damien Bendel was sentenced to a whole life term in jail for killing three children and his pregnant partner in.

Killamarshness Sheffield last year Bendel was already in the probation system for arson robbery attempted robbery and Grievous bodily harm convictions foreign Scottish government has warned Westminster it would challenge any attempt to block controversial gender.

Reforms that would allow transgender people to self-identify the Secretary of State for Scotland Alastair Jack said the UK government could seek to block the gender recognition reform Scotland Bill becoming law after it was passed by on Thursday charity shops are seeing booming trade as budget squeezed Shoppers search for.

Second-hand Christmas gifts the British Heart Foundation says it’s had its biggest ever week while Revenue has also up for bernardo’s age UK and cancer research UK U.S cryptocurrency entrepreneur Sam bankman freed has been released on a 250 million dollar Bond his parents signed the agreement and said they’d keep him.

At their California home as he awaits trial bankman freed is accused of swindling investors and looting customer deposits on his FDX trading platform which collapsed an Amber traffic warning’s been issued on the roads for today and tomorrow as millions of drivers are expected to join.

The annual Christmas getaway the AAA is warning motorists to prepare for long delays which could be compounded by strikes on railways well it’s estimated around 16.9 million Journeys will be made on UK roads today which the AAA says will be the busiest day this week a further 16.6 million trips are expected to be made tomorrow.

And analytics suggests Journey times will be around 14 longer compared with the same period last year well Skies Shimon Freeman Powell is by the M25 in Surrey Forest which is expected to be one of the busiest roads today very good morning to you shiman many people dread the Christmas getaway most years is always fairly chaotic with.

So many people on the roads but it sounds like today and this festive period could be even worse than normal yes that’s why it’s expected to be the busiest traveling period since 2019 so pre-pandemic really and that’s probably because more and more people are now taking the opportunity to go and see family members across the country but.

The AAA are warning that drivers May well face lots of traffic as they hit the roads throughout the course of today and tomorrow now as you say today is expected to be the busiest period on the roads with around 16.9 million Journeys expected to be made over the course of today and tomorrow will be busy too but not as busy with around 16.6 million.

Journeys expected to be made but it is likely to be even busier because of those train strikes the rmt union and some of the members represented by the rmt union and network rails striking and that means that trains will likely to end around midday tomorrow and the AAA said that they believe that around half of people that usually would have gone.

Where they’ve used trains to be able to travel around the country will now either get in their own cars to make those Journeys or ask a friend for a lift now I do have uh some of the roads that will be most affected by congestion that will be the M25 the M60 near Manchester the m6 the M40 in Oxfordshire they’re all the roads the main roads.

That are expected to have heavier congestion than usual and on top of that we’ve also got planned strike action by national highways as well they’re the people that help drive us out if there are accidents on the road so they’ll do things like clothes lanes and direct passengers so they know the the easiest roads to be able to travel on now some.

Of those will be striking in London and in the southeast of the country which means that if a car does break down on these roads it may take a little bit longer for them to be able to get that help so the main advice is for drivers to make sure that they’re well equipped and prepared as they may be faced with longer Journeys than usual okay Shimon.

Thanks so much for bringing us up that update go and stay warm somewhere won’t you now as many as 135 million Americans are being warned about a massive winter storm stretching across the U.S forecasters say an Arctic bomb site clone is likely to form as the bad weather moves over the Great Lakes.

Now the coldest weather seen enveloping Canada and the US is shown here in purple and temperatures could plunge as low as minus 40 degrees in some places driven by ferocious wind chill wind chills our U.S correspondent James Matthews has more in these conditions the Christmas getaway isn’t getting very far.

This Arctic Storm blowing through North America has sent temperatures plummeting closing roads and canceling thousands of flights this was the scene at Denver Airport where passengers were left strandy once I found out Airlines here managed to find one and got my flight resolved and I’ll be flying out tomorrow now and just.

Crashing here for the evening I got on the bus to come from Boulder to the airport and a halfway here our our play was canceled so now we’re here this was a tweet posted by a State Trooper in Kansas struggling in the snow you can stay home and not have to travel please do not try ever very short you have to travel really.

Really slow to be able to stay within the roadway because you cannot see where the roadways at tens of millions of people are living in areas subject to a weather warning forecasters are predicting the coldest festive season for decades concerns of course extend beyond Christmas traffic.

The severe cold brings with it a danger to life in Portland Oregon officials have declared a state of emergency opening extra shelters for homeless people I’d particularly with the cold one of the things that can be dangerous is people can be laying on the sidewalk or sleeping outside and you don’t always.

Realize just how dire of a situation that you’re in as the white out blew in yesterday the White House issued a travel warning please take this storm extremely seriously and I don’t know whether your boss was elected but if you all have travel plans to leave now.

Not not a joke I’m sending my staff my staff if they have plans to leave on tomorrow it’s not late tonight or tomorrow tell them we’ll leave now TV providers have advised customers to download Christmas entertainment in case of power Cuts here the National Weather Service is calling this a once in a generation weather event it is the very.

Dark cloud over Christmas James Matthews Sky News in Washington the U.S committee investigating last year’s January the sixth Capital riots has released its final 845-page report in the last few hours now it accuses Donald Trump of engaging in a multi-part conspiracy to overturn the lawful results of the 2020.

Presidential election adding that the events of the 6th of January would not have happened without Donald Trump who many others followed and his decision to falsely declare Victory on the night of the election they say was premeditated welcome back you’re watching Sky News breakfast it’s great to have you with us.

Now can Christmas angels have brown skin that was the question posed by then seven-year-old Sophia to her mother as they decorated their Christmas tree back in 2018. now on a mission to make Christmas more inclusive it prompted them to create Britain’s first collection of ethnically diverse decorations Ashner hurry and I went to.

Meet them Christmas trees are full of trinkets packed with memories but the juval and Burton family trees have some particularly special editions decorations created by them that look just like them I like Aretha queen of soul so you can add some soul to your tree so she’s one of my.

Favorites that just started with an unexpected question from then seven-year-old Sophia we were hanging decorations on our tree in 2018 and she turned and said Can Christmas angels have brown skin and of course I was a little bit shocked I’ve said of course they could have brown skin but she had never seen an angel.

With brown skin in fact we were actually hanging up white Angels white elves white Santa and I thought ah and so it wasn’t until she said that that a Eureka moment went into my head and I thought actually why isn’t my tree representative and so Britain’s first ever collection of ethnically diverse Christmas decorations was born there’s.

Angels wise men and of course the main man himself Natalie and Alison design each character they’re then created packed and shipped across the UK this one is going to um somewhere near Scotland the founders say the decorations are for everyone and can be used to gently nudge.

Difficult discussions some people find it daunting to have conversations about race and color but you know just by what you introducing to your household whether it be the books that you read the films you watch with your children or even having diverse decorations on your tree helps to facilitate that conversation about race and to normalize.

These in the household and for them not to feel like a novelty for their children these reimagined decorations have made their homes more magical when I saw the decorations I was like oh it’s something that can represent me and it just really like bring light to his house the other day I went to a shop.

And we found a wrapping paper and it had mostly white people on but like one small black person on the bottom so it feels like nice to feel like that March music is here to like support around us representation for all of us has come a long way but now so many more can have a Christmas that feels more like them ashnar and agas in South London.

Sometimes we have to rely on children to point out the absolute obvious well let’s bring you more now on our top story the head of Passenger operations at Services uh at Gatwick Airport has told the program this morning the passport checks are moving smoothly so far after border four staff began strike action today however there are warnings.

Of bigger delays at airports Nationwide as the Christmas travel Rush gathers Pace will joining me now to discuss this is the General Secretary of the public and Commercial Services Union Mark sawatka a very good morning to you thank you for joining us now of course you represent uh the Border force staff striking today and the dispute is.

Overpay pensions and conditions what is currently on offer from the government and what are your members demanding uh well good morning and good morning to your viewers um well we’ve been given the lowest payoffer anywhere in the economy the government’s given its own Workforce a two percent pay raise.

We’re asking for 10 uh we’re asking that because inflation is over 10 percent we’ve had 10 years where our pay has not cap rate with inflation and currently the government-owned staff 40 000 of them use food banks and 45 000 of them are so poor they’re the in-worker they have to claim the benefits that in some case they.

Administer themselves from job centers so we have a crisis of poverty in the Civil Service and in addition the government is telling people they’re going to slash tens of thousands of their jobs and cut their redundancy terms by 30 no one else faces attacks on this scale and these are the people the government clapped in the pandemic for.

Paying three million claims to Universal Credit delivering the furlough scheme keeping our justice system running on our borders secure so it’s not good enough to clap them in the pandemic and they’ll give them the lowest pay raise anywhere in the economy now the head of Passenger operations at Gatwick Airport has told us this morning.

That things are smooth there are you concerned that if there isn’t disruption if that if possible control does remain smooth in these six airports that you won’t have a way of really forcing the government’s hand to offer you more no well we’ll see what happens across the airports over the next few days that the government’s obviously gone to Great.

Cost to bring in the Army they’re not properly trained they’re bringing people in from all over the country to try and paper over the cracks and the answer isn’t to try and paper over the cracks or bring the Army in it’s to recognize that it’s not sustainable to give us the lowest payoff anywhere when such poverty exists and then refuse to talk about the.

Issue of pay but what the government knows is that so far we have had about 5 000 members on strike we’ve been on strike in driving tests on our motorways in the river payments agencies and in some job centers but a hundred thousand people have voted to go on strike and so in January if the government still refuse to talk despite what’s going to.

Happen at our airports on our roads with our driving tests and with payments to Farmers the strike will escalate significantly and I also believe other public sector workers will make the same choice we know that hundreds of thousands of teachers for example are currently balled him for industrial action and the answer to this is not.

This disruption it’s not to talk about strikes it’s to get government ministers to front up not be missing in action talk about pay and let us get back to providing the services that our members want to be providing now we’re already hearing uh strike dates announced for other sectors ambulance workers nurses were expecting to hear about too.

Can we expect more strikes from border four staff in January and what does escalation look like when it comes to your industrial action so escalation for us I mean yesterday we served notice to bring members out on strike in the dvla which is going to affect significantly the issue of driving licenses for example but we also.

Have members who voted to strike who issued passports people who work in every major government Department including our job center Network and our benefits Network so a hundred thousand people are voted to strike all of them are struggling all of them are poorer at the end of the year than they were at the start even though they worked harder.

Than ever before so escalation in the Civil Service will mean every government Department begins to be affected and within the home office itself at the moment we’ve called out staff in the airports but of course there are other areas like Dover for example and other ports across the UK that members would be called out to take strike action on.

But I hope none of that happens and I hope a government Minister comes on to explain why his their own Workforce are living in poverty and they will not give them a penny above 2 percent which is not what they’re saying to anybody else in the economy well it’s it’s quite clear that the government is not going to be offering.

An 11 pay rise what compromise would you accept well we’ve asked for 10 um and we’ve asked for assurances there won’t be redundancies I mean your viewers may be amazed to know there’s over a thousand people working in the job centers at the moment facing redundancies even though you need more.

People delivering welfare in a cost of living crisis than ever before if the government says they’ll put money on the table we are prepared to negotiate where that goes who gets it when and where and how quickly they get it but we want money now because the crisis is now we are not saying it’s 10 or we won’t talk to you we’re saying put money on the.

Table and we are prepared to negotiate but the government will not do that and they keep hiding behind this claim that is independent paid of your bodies but they know there is no independent paid everybody in the Civil Service they’ve chosen to give their own Workforce the lowest pay raise of any part of the economy and that is not acceptable.

Now National highways staff are also on strike today the first of four days of industrial action they’re also members of your union what’s your message uh to people trying to get home for Christmas who are now really worried about their plans having had a really tough couple of years with covid and now facing this disruption at the border on the roads.

What would you say to them well what I say to them and also the people whose driving tests have been canceled and the farmers who are struggling to get payments from the rural payments agency is the government we’re told six months ago that this was going to happen they were told three weeks ago that these particular strikes.

Were going to happen and yet they have not agreed to have a single meeting with us all agreed to put a single penny on the table so anyone who faces disruption you have a right to be angry but your anger should be directed at Richie sunac and Jeremy Hunt they could stop these strikes today they are choosing not to that is a disgraceful way to treat some.

Of the hardest working men and women in this country and if they maintain that stance these strikes will only grow and escalate I don’t want to see that but what I do want to see is an end to end with poverty and only the government can end that by giving us the pay raise we deserve uh now soldiers and civil servants who.

Are Manning uh passport control at airports today have had reportedly around five days of training uh for this what are your members who work for Border Force saying about the problems that could arise from that well we all know and and Sue Ella Braverman knows uh that giving people five days training uh is no substitute.

For the skilled job that our members do because this is not just about checking passports these are people who are trained over many months and years on on the job training to be able to deal with issues at the passport control including for example looking out for victims of people trafficking looking out for people in a vulnerable situation looking.

Out for people who may not be all that they seem and that takes skill takes skill to spot it and skill to deal with it having squatties turn up with no training to paper over the cracks is not the answer and what the government needs to ask itself is it’s got military personnel driving ambulances and now at our borders are they going to teach our.

Children Drive our chain trains pay Universal Credit collect our taxes of course they can’t the Army is no substitute for public sector workers we all know this and we also all know that the government could end this today and I’ll make this final point point what we’re asking for is a tiny fraction of what the government was prepared to.

Borrow to give tax cuts to the richest people in Britain if they were prepared to do that for the richest why can’t they find a fraction of the money for Job Center workers border force staff rural payments agency staff paramedics nurses and train workers we deserve it the public know that we deserve it yet the government has gone missing in.

Action and they are to blame for the disruption okay Mark sawka we appreciate your time today thanks very much Dave for joining us thanks very much let’s have a quick look at the weather warm memories wherever you go sponsored by Qatar Airways the mostly mild and changeable weather.

Will bring some wet conditions to the roads in the run-up to Christmas especially today when those roads are so busy for now rain is taking over more of Ireland and Southern Britain where it’s been quite foggy too but the north is mainly fine if a little chilly the rain heavy in places will Edge further North during this morning allowing the.

Southwest to brighten up but showers are likely there too meanwhile Northern Britain will stay mainly dry with a few Sunny spells but there will be a few showers around too and they’ll be mainly wintry on the Scottish Hills and across Shetland it’ll be colder than yesterday in the north milder in the South but windier for everyone and this afternoon.

We’ll see rain spreading across Northern Ireland Northern England and Scotland the weather sponsored by Qatar Airways you’re watching Sky News still to come we’ll be taking a closer look at the stories dominating today’s papers in the Pay-Per-View it’s time now for our paper review with the broadcaster and journalist afia.

Hagan and Mary McLeod a former policy advisor to the queen and Royal household who also served as a conservative MP hi against you both Mary I’m just going to pick up with you first if I may just on that story we were talking about at the end of the last hour on the front page of the mirror today that King Charles security has been stepped up now of.

Course you were a policy advisor to the queen of Royal household what’s your take on this is is this something to be concerned about well I mean the his majesty security is essential and his protection officers do an amazing job I mean I’ve seen just even recently and with business in the community we had our responsible.

Business live event just two weeks ago the fourth year celebration and the King was there um and a really important moment for him to be out and about and being seen for the work that he has done over the years on sustainability on the race Charter getting businesses connected into local communities so you know and after the.

Event he went out and did a brief walk um very informally with the public and I do think it’s great that they can engage with him in in more personal ways so I think um the protection officers and the security detail will will do their the due diligence they will do their job but it’s always right that they.

Um make sure that his security comes first okay fear uh the mail you’ve pulled out this story on page 11 of course there’s the cost of living crisis hits people around the country pretty worrying headline here that half of people are buying less food as of course food prices have been soaring much higher.

Than the average inflation that’s right and at a time where a lot of people are considering their Christmas food shop or perhaps they’ve already done it and this piece in the middle saying that half of adults are buying less food amid soaring braces and this is Raising Health years because the numbers are even higher for those in.

Deprived areas and that about 61 of people in the most deprived areas are buying less food that’s compared to 44 in other areas and we’ve seen the price of food uh so really exponentially over the past few months as as you say we’re deep into this cost of living crisis uh the past the price of vegetable oil up 65 passes up 60 Apples Up 17 Tomatoes up.

19 so people are really experi feeling the Crunch and the fear is that people are not eating as healthily as they could be and as they should be simply because they can’t afford to also says here that people are eating laced meals as well as well as buying less food they’re skipping meals they’re eating less meals and people really feeling.

Like the cost of living crisis the high cost of food is affecting how much they can eat and of course like I said this is higher end deprived areas and this is sparking healthy is that people aren’t getting the nutrients they need they’re switching to cheaper alternatives processed foods that are not going to be as nutritious and like I said gifting.

Meals so they’re not even even eating as much as they should be in the first place yeah it’s certainly just desperate isn’t it and so worrying these reports are so many people especially parents missing meals to make ends meet um Mary another pretty Grim Rapport and of course news that the British public are facing is is all this disruption.

With Travelers we’re going to Christmas uh you know people coming into the UK for Christmas will not only be impacted at airports with border Force strikes but also then on the rails if they need to get a train after they arrive tomorrow and could be families that are that are most disrupted yes a really difficult Story I mean.

There’s travel disruption the border for strikes ruled real air chaos in a more industrial action and it’s and it’s really difficult because it does affect families doing things they’re traveling at at Christmas all in a major airports sex airports are affected by this um and and even just people coming to do family events traveling to their.

Families or if they’re going to football marches or whatever it might be you know it’s just it’s it’s going to affect um everybody this and um and and where you know certainly the military and civil servants are stepping in to review passports at airports um and but of course the those things will hopefully help and airports are.

Telling us not to be too worried but we just have to me make sure we build in that time when we’re traveling trying not to get stressed about it there will be longer use and airports are saying they don’t think there’ll be cancellations but of course many people can use the e-gates and the biometric passports although that’s children can’t.

Do that so you know hopefully families will be moved up to the front of cues at at airports but yeah it’s going to be difficult so I think probably if people expect it’s going to be difficult then just leave sort of Plenty time um to to get where you want to want to be but you know this is a time for friends family loved ones to get.

Together and and therefore let’s hope that people can still do that yeah absolutely I mean traveling Christmas is stressful enough isn’t it without all this extra disruption pack snacks is my advice pack snacks now at the start afia you pulled out this article about uh Jeremy Clarkson uh you know the the criticism of his comments about Meghan.

Markle rumbles on yeah absolutely it does um it’s sort of a weirdly written piece in the Daily Star here by Will Stone doesn’t actually name Meghan Markle has the picture of her there with her eyes like for some reason not really very sure why but yes uh this is uh still the criticism of Jeremy Clarkson’s column.

That he wrote In The Sun where he wrote some really uh disgusting comments about Meghan Markle and how much he hate the dark and what he wanted to see happen to her and know some people that support um heart and and basically say that what he said was terrible it was out of order and are sort of raising money for this legal battle so they’ve raised twelve.

Thousand pounds uh to bring you know a case to court against him not really sure why they would do that Meghan Markle you know took on The Daily Mail she clearly has the funds to be able to fund the legal battle herself if she wanted to but I guess this is just more of the Fallout um from that column being printed in the.

Sun and just shows you the depth of people’s reactions to it how many people uh how it continued to say that what he said was absolutely wrong yeah absolutely it certainly feels like it’s not going to go away for a while does it fear Mary thank you both so much we’ll see you again in the next hour.

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