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Singapore Night Festival returns from Aug 19 to 27 after two-year hiatus

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Arts and culture buffs rejoice the singapore night festival is set to return this month after a two-year break the brass bassa and bugis precinct will come alive from the 19th to 27th of the month with local artists and the community reimagining the area in a new light festival goers can expect more than 55 experiences such as projection.

Mappings light art installations and performances don't forget food and retail offerings as well let's get more from the festival director himself david chu mr chu welcome now first of all talk to us about this year's theme rebirth how did you and your team settle on that for this year's festival.

Thanks jill uh i think first and foremost um we really wanted to acknowledge uh all of us you know as a nation emerging stronger as a covet resilient society going to the new normal but we've also taken the last two years of the pandemic to view uh and reflect.

On the festival's past decade it's been around for more than 10 years so what we did was we you know sought to review and reflect on what new directions the festival could take so rebirth was chosen in a way to present the festival uh it's in its new identity uh as it enters a new cycle a new decade i guess uh you know and how.

Really we can focus uh on the rich history and stories of the prosperous sub-boogers precinct and its identity in a re-energized format that we hope festival goers will see the precinct in a whole new light well as you mentioned it's been 10 years but it's the first time you're wearing the hat as as director.

What changes to the programming can we expect under your leadership well for one this year we're bigger and bolder i think about the festival you know having been around for so long i think for myself i'm constantly thinking of you know ways to expand and deepen the festival experience.

So this year that that meant you know literally expanding the festival grounds making it bigger festival expanding for the first time to folk canning park and of course in years to come we want to redefine that festival experience in bigger and bolder ways as well but i think primarily you know we want people to rediscover.

The rich history and heritage of the precinct uh be through art through performances food so there's also going to be a lot more performances and internet experiences this year uh especially given the fact that we have so many performing arts groups based in the brass vasa bugis precinct i think this lends a very.

Dynamic energy to the precinct in a variety of ways and i think many intimate guided experiences will allow people to experience a precinct in a more diverse sort of manner so i just want to go back to to what you said earlier about bigger and better so if you were to pick.

Just a couple of the highlights i'm gonna ask you to to to really show us how bigger and better some of these uh festival highlights are well first and foremost i think well cathay hotel this year's a big highlight act this was designed you know as an.

Anti-fairy tale responding to one of our most iconic cinemas uh in singapore uh also really you know the the movies that the company you know made uh in the past during singapore's golden era film making this is a really a massive undertaking that we took to to kind of do a newly commissioned um you know production uh conceptualized by vertical.

Submarine uh directed by jeremiah troy um this really i think it's it's a great example for me uh you know not just bigger and bolder it's the first time we're doing such a way i guess a bold production but really an example of the reference and inspiration uh and not to history and heritage of the precinct but we also have.

This work under my tree roof by chloe menissa and she's a singapore-based painter who does these you know very lush delicious um nature paintings um but i think for the first time ever she is doing you know a large scale um sort of you know ramped up a version installation of her.

Work uh at the very instagramable fork canning tunnel that i think people are quite familiar with um and it's the first time that she's ever done something like that and for me i hope the festival does that you know for all artists to be able to do things that they've never done before yeah it's it sounds really fascinating and also.

Because you know covet changed the way people watched art people experienced art you know over the past two years you know i'm wondering how has that covert hiatus really informed the way you organize uh this year's festival has it been influenced in some obvious or maybe not so obvious ways by the pandemic.

Well i think the way we organize it um we definitely of course have to keep you know covert safety everyone's safety in mind but really i think when we started talking to the artists during the time of the pandemic uh i think one thing i realized was that everyone had you know we've all had more time to reflect to respond to the pandemic.

Especially for a lot of our local artists it's not been an easy time for many of them and i think you know many of their works uh embody this spirit uh for example we have perception three this artist duo whose work is titled we can no longer be strangers after this you know it reflects on what brings all.

Of us together what are our points of congregation um which point points in our history we come together but we also have another work uh by speak cryptic uh he's quite a famous singapore artist uh he is his work is the tallest book we have this year is a nine meter high inflatable uh work uh for fashion like a.

Lighthouse uh it's called it's titled an ocean without an anchor uh and the work really symbolizes the hope and a sense of community in our current times but also i think highlighting the community's role in bringing that hope to people all right well you know we'd like to invite you not to be a stranger as well.

David chu festival director of this year's singapore night festival thank you so much for speaking with us

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