Singapore Grand Prix: VIP guests expected to splurge on novel services, exclusive after-parties

Singapore Grand Prix: VIP guests expected to splurge on novel services, exclusive after-parties

High rollers attending this year’s Singapore Grand Prix can expect one of the top After parties to be bigger and better there’s also cruise that heads to the area around Marina Bay Street circuit these are just some of the ways the Rich and Famous are splashing the cash at this year’s F1 event nothing says I’ve arrived quite like.

Coming out of a Rolls-Royce at least one limo service provider has seen a 70 increase in demand this year with all slots snapped up well over a month in advance there are of course the Nifty fixtures and fittings and even a 700 umbrella guests can tailor their limo experience to their tastes and preferences security is a major concern.

For service providers with their high profile clients whom have included famous footballers and royal families for special areas for VIPs in fact only cars with a special label are permitted to enter the condo area those without a special level they are not allowed to do so for those who prefer the sea there’s.

This 85-footer described as a floating Penthouse a four-hour Charter costs 5 500 dollars when the exclusive F1 Sunset Cruise went on sale only available on race day these were fully booked in a matter of days the three-story yacht comprises a lounge ensuite bedrooms and a top deck overlooking surrounding Waters and the.

City skyline near to the heart of the race in the Marina Bay Area the company’s VIP guests are regulars at other F1 events who are on the lookout for new experiences they like these big events but they also want the next toy uh you know they’ve done their supercars they’ve done their.

Private jets and now it’s looking to see whether boating could be something of interest to them this year the lobby of the Fullerton Bay Hotel will play host to one of the Glamorous F1 after party scene the Ember Lounge a new space after its usual pop-up format there is increased capacity of 20 and that’s not all.

We now have introduced these Ultra Lux Suite Concepts as well so we have the Amber Suites and and the Noir suite and there are also some private Suites for our clientele who want everything from a bespoke experience through to you know large formats of champagne and vodka alongside with with caviar starting at 800 for individual passes.

The more exclusive Suite options can hit an upwards of 45 000 a small price to pay perhaps if one can rub shoulders With The Wolves who’s who from a-listers to billionaires and of course the drivers themselves

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