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Should Canada cut ties with the monarchy? | Quick Question

Should Canada cut ties with the monarchy? | Quick Question

The passing of the queen and Ascension of the king have led some Canadians to ask questions about the role of the monarchy in this country on Instagram we asked should Canada cut ties responses were about 50 50. our producer Andrew heard that same sort of split when he chatted with people in downtown Toronto should Canada start.

Yeah I think it doesn’t really sort of uh play a big part in how we sort of take decisions in Canada so maybe we should I like the history and the Heritage maybe it is time for our change it doesn’t really matter whether you think it matters or not support for the monarchy has been waning in Canada according to a.

Poll this past spring about half of Canadians think we should abolish it only a quarter are in favor of keeping the monarchy Canada’s Constitution makes it very difficult to cut ties with the monarchy so tonight we want to discuss what the king’s role in Canada should be and joining us former Queen’s representative to Ontario the former.

Lieutenant Governor David only he’s in Toronto and David Chartrand is the president of the Manitoba Mahi Federation he joins us from Winnipeg welcome to both of you thank you thank you David only we just heard from some people who are questioning the relevance of the monarchy what does King.

Charles have to do do you think to address that perspective I I think there will be a visit fairly soon and uh I think the more that Canadians get to see him and interact with him as king um the more they’re going to like him and so let’s take a look at this question six months or nine months down.

The road and David Chartrand what would you like to see from King Charles well maybe following in her mom’s footsteps let’s not forget when our country was going into some turmoil on a constitution in Canada in the 70s and 80s we’re talking about separation a divisive Canada uh Canada is going to.

Split uh you know uh the queen was very uh Queen Elizabeth it was very concerned I think Canada is one of her famous favorite commonwealth countries and she was uh in fact Paul Martin senior was advocating her comments to us in Canada that she was very very concerned what was happening she was even willing to lose the monarchy if necessary to keep.

Him together so let’s not forget the role she played in that so it’s not just seeing what King Charles is going to do we’ll see what Queen Elizabeth already has started and keeping our country together now you’re the president of the Manitoba metis Federation and and and we know of the long and complicated relationship.

Between the crown and the indigenous people in Canada uh what role do you think King Charles should play in in that regard especially reconciliation well if you look at what Queen Elizabeth done in in 1982 with the patriation of course for constitution the inclusion of section 35 which is talking about indigenous rights uh and protections in.

Canada which is now in a Constitution which he actually signed April 17 1982 I’m very very proud of that she was involved in making sure uh that the rights of indigenous people were being protected in this country so uh her role was very important I think King Charles all just has to continue to carry that same torch same vision same ambition as.

Queen Elizabeth and and working towards uh keeping indigenous rights protected in Canada and ensuring that they’re respected I think it’s one of the things that Queen Elizabeth was very adamant on her message and do you feel confident that uh that the king will continue that or maybe even carry that further well I met him several times uh and and.

He seems to have good characteristics uh and and at the same time uh jokingly at the same time he seems to be with the common folk I’ll use that phrase uh and uh I think he’ll have that same uh ambition I think uh waiting that long and to take over and learning from your mom every day I think there’s no doubt that King Charles will will be a replica.

Of his mom uh because you know he’s the closest that’s ever been uh with the queen for 70 years in Reigns so uh all my life she’s been our Queen and so from my perspective thinking King Charles will probably try to carry that same torch and maybe maybe put some more flame in the torch as he’s doing forward David only King Charles has been an.

Active campaigner for the environment in the past as as Prince do you think he will be able to continue with that absolutely in fact we do need to take note of the fact that he’s been well ahead of the politicians he was talking about the environment and the need to relate to the Earth um years ago decades ago and at the time.

He was ridiculed by many in the media and misunderstood by many other people and now of course it’s all this time later and he’s fitting right in with the mainstream Notions in terms of the environment and our relationship to it as people but here’s the potentially tricky thing though to follow up on that is that.

There are many people who feel that the Monarch is a figurehead in Canada that that’s the role she or now he ought to play and nothing more than that so should King Charles have any kind of influence on our government when it comes to any kind of policy issue but let’s say specifically the environment that’s a very good question I think we.

Do need to take into account the fact that as Monarch he has the authority has did the As does the governor general and on the provincial level the same Powers identical powers and that is to encourage and to warn and the right to be consulted now I don’t expect there be for a moment that King Charles would be flying off to Ottawa and saying to the.

Prime Minister I need to be consulted on this bus or so but um there are ways to let an apolitical opinion be presented and he has done that very very well over the last several decades as Mr Charlotte said and I shartron said and I agree with them 100 uh he has learned at his mother’s side not just for years but decades and subtlety is his game really.

And he does it very very well and so when he gives a speech about the environment our relationship ship to the Earth many people are going to be nodding their heads in agreement I certainly would and do and as a result I think he’s going to surprise a number of people and it won’t be an overt process of attempting to directly influence the.

Government our our government or the British government but a way of saying this is what I feel about the environment and most people I believe will support him in that David Chartrand I I could hear the fondness that you have for Queen Elizabeth that you had for for the queen um and and the respect you mentioned.

That you’ve had you have for King Charles that you’ve met him before so let me put a question to you that that we put to people in Toronto and that was uh whether we should continue to have a monarch in Canada whether we should continue with the king or queen in that sort of role how do you feel about that I I without doubt uh believe it should.

Continue I believe it’s a very uh patriotic also very important aspect of the existence of World War when we’re a young Country Canada is a very young country let’s not forget that and so I took a lot of learning to do in our country and they you know you had a question to David uh earlier about uh the impact or the role uh given the.

Factors supposed to be non-political or non-intrusive into the politics but let’s look at the pope for a second the pope is supposed to be non-political but the pope makes a statement it’s accepted worldwide or impacted worldwide no different than King Charles if he is to come and make statements in Canada about things that are affecting I.E indigenous.

People for example or the environment or other matters people are going to listen they’re going to pay attention to what’s being said it serves as well and and keeping our country together United as I just said Queen Elizabeth was willing to give up her monarchy and and leave completely out of the realm the the Monarch if if Canada stays together it.

Keeps it together that was her primary ambition so it shows you again the compassion for the country of Canada is still strong and I’m sure it’ll it’ll resonate right to King Charles well we’re hearing lots of opinions now from many many people about the future of the monarchy in Canada and it’s been interesting hearing from both of you.

Thank you thank you thank you very much

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