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Shock and awe: Motorist trapped in Alberta hailstorm

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Shock and awe: Motorist trapped in Alberta hailstorm” here is their detail.

Uh just creeping up on red here there the clouds started getting a little a little fast a little spinny it was still sunny though all of a sudden tornado warning comes in on my phone uh right off the bat complete change this guy um things started moving a lot faster this guy got it getting darker.

What made us pull over though was one ball of hail that's half the size of my head right hits the like the highway in the middle of the highway and bounces off like a softball with goes right into the ditch about 20 30 feet i'm like that doesn't look like hail that's something else.

Uh so we pull over and figure out what to do right all of a sudden these things start drilling the car started drilling the floor and uh it just it just got so intense and about a process of five ten minutes got to the point where windows start breaking out our back window gets shattered right off the bat.

once that window got shattered i start recording i'm like this is gonna get really bad um yeah all of a sudden by the time give or take two minutes all the windows are gone to the vehicle we have no coverage i'm trying to grab.

Luggage or suitcases anything in the back that can just protect my two up fronts my driver and my passenger or co-pilot uh because i'm looking at the speed of these balls and like one of them will knock you right out or even kill you like it's they were coming in fast and when there's no windows at this.

Point i start looking up and the roof is cratering every single time they hit i'm like i don't even trust the roof at this point like like do i get under the vehicle do i even consider getting out like i'm we're just complete shock and awe trying to figure out what to do in the situation my fear though is is there a.

Tornado in the mix of this like are we about to also get hit by wind but we can't see anything there's zero visibility the little bit of visibility we had as her windshield was shattered at this point there's nothing left of it so uh it's just it was one of those things where i ended up calling my parents i'm like i love you guys i don't.

Know what's about to happen i had no sight of a foreseeable future at that point i'm like i don't know if i'm about to get a bad tornado like because my head is just thinking warning right i just went off five minutes ago on my phone and we get hit by this i'm like it would make sense but at this point i'm like even if we.

Were to get into the ditch angling our vehicle in the ditch we're gonna start getting hit by these hills so i'm like don't even move the vehicle we're just gonna stay right here flat ground our best bet and i started bringing up backpacks and stuff to start covering ourselves a little bit like some sort of protection.

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