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SF Bay Area weather forecast for Dec. 28, 2022

F6 well good morning it is Wednesday December 28th I’m Reina Harvey and I’m well Tran every day John is the last day last Tuesday last Wednesday and this is you were talking about the last sunny day of this year right yeah the last dry day of 2022. I know we only got three days left after this but those three.

Days are going to be consistently rainy so do capitalize on this last dry day of the year a great day today to get outside run some of those errands maybe take back a few gifts or use the gift cards even better yet um I know a lot of family probably traveling back home this is a great day to capitalize on some good weather where.

We’re sitting right now skies are really clear across the bay itself and up into the Sierra a great day to travel up that direction now the catches to the Bay area forecast this morning a little bit of fog out towards the Central Valley Solano County in the valley itself does have a dense fog advisory in effect most of the rest of us looking up at some.

Gray now Livermore is as well as Nevada Fairfax and Petaluma among our spots that are in the 30s right now even Redwood City right along the Bayshore down at 39 degrees currently so you definitely want those layers as you’re getting outside overall today is a great one for getting out there ahead of what will be wet conditions we’re turning.

Tonight into tomorrow stay Friday and Saturday those details still to come Reina all right John thank you for that hey no rain so that makes for a much lighter commute

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