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Sexual assault rate highest since 1996: Statistics Canada

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Sexual assault rate highest since 1996: Statistics Canada” here is their detail.

There's been a major spike in the number of police reported sexual assaults in canada new data from statistics canada shows there were more than 34 200 reports of sexual assault countrywide in 2021. that's an 18 percent increase from 2020 and a rate not seen since 1996. this is actually indication of just how dire the.

Situation is right now that we have to take action immediately today the executive director of battered women's support services in vancouver says her organization has seen a similar spike from march of 2020 until the end of march in 2022 her group responded to 94 000 requests for service that's three times more than the three years before.

Unfortunately the efforts that we took in order to prevent the transmission of cover 19 created the conditions for there being an increased level of isolation and a regression just in the culture in terms of how how vulnerable victim survivors are but the real number of sexual assaults that happened last.

Year is likely much higher statistics canada estimates that only about 6 percent are reported to police there are several reasons why such cases of sexual assault are not reported one is certainly fear of retribution from a perpetrator people are scared that by going forward it could.

Create additional experiences of a violence second is because of the victimization that happens so by going to the police or by going to authorities people might not be believed it's very normal for racialized people indigenous people trans people disabled people um to be victimized at higher rates and those are also demographic groups that.

I think are not more likely than average to kind of want to be involving the police in their business dietzel says one way to encourage victims to report sexual assault is by introducing a specialized court like the one in quebec it'd be great to see other provinces do something in the same so that it.

Facilitates the the reporting process the disclosure process and certainly holds people accountable we need more support services for uh survivors of sexual assault but also sexual survivors of sexual assault that are in relationships what we think is that this is a stranger that's maybe hiding behind the bushes but it's not sexual assault.

Happens uh usually with an acquaintance or someone that we know in vancouver monica ghoul city news

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