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‘Say his name’: hundreds join protest over killing of Chris Kaba

‘Say his name’: hundreds join protest over killing of Chris Kaba

Say his name say his name say his name show your time say his name say his day praise god only the other families who have been through this and there are many of them here with us today give thanks only.

Those families really understand what it’s like to have your loved one killed by these people by police they’re looking at us from the window yes by you yeah that’s what i thought no justice no justice no peace no justice no peace it’s wonderful to see how many people.

Came out today because of that unjust feeling and where we’ve had enough enough is enough this is the fifth or sixth protest outside scotland yard that i’ve attended this year the crowds are getting bigger they’re getting angrier and they’re getting more passionate so something is gonna have to give we cannot have a situation where.

Somebody is shot dead through the windscreen of a car and the officer concerned was not immediately suspended from the police force not from duty but from the police force and it’s important that all of you keep coming out for the cover family every single time every single time you can if you’re doing it online.

That’s absolutely great to counter all those negative narratives and make sure people know the real story thank you very much

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