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Russian President Vladimir Putin declares martial law in regions of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin declares martial law in regions of Ukraine

For more I want to bring in CBS news reporter Mary Lucina Mary Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared martial law in Annex regions of Ukraine as we’ve said twice already what more do we know and what does it entail good morning glad and Anne-Marie um yes he opened his meeting today with the security Council saying that uh this.

Martial law will be introduced it’s kind of Legally hard to comprehend because those territories have been illegally annexed Russia does not control them fully politically or militarily they’re losing ground and a lot of them especially now in the southern herison region but essentially Putin says we are up to.

A really difficult task they need to clean this area and claim this land fully so he did not elaborate exactly what this martial law would mean um and also what it would change de facto on the ground but under Rush law that allows um the Russian military law enforcement a pretty wide um set of of possibilities what they can.

Do they can see civilian uh property they can stop people for checks they can limit their movement and however they want they can reduce a curfew they can um potentially you know take cars from people and do a lot of things that they were technically not were not able to do before but it still remains to be seen how exactly that will change or Advance.

Their uh claim to these territories so Mary this sort of latest uh Spate of uh Russian strikes the strikes and the Drone sort of attacks though they appear indiscriminate at times because civilian targets have certainly been hit it’s clear that Russia is also focusing on infrastructure in particular power infrastructure how concerning is this.

For Kiev in other cities as we head into the winter that’s extremely concerning you know there were reports of power outages in Kiev in a lot of other cities because Russia is targeting these infrastructure sites that are very crucial for civilians to survive the winter and this has been sort of a tactic and something.

That I think Moscow has been looking forward is to hold over until winter because it’s really much more difficult for ukrainians to fight um in the winter if a lot of the Cities remain without electricity connection or heating it will also be very difficult for civilians to power through this and um overall this kind of War of Attrition.

That Putin has been betting on um since the summer is definitely now will be put to a test the question is whether this is going to be sustainable for Russia because we know last week they used a lot of fair expensive missiles um there are estimates they spend millions of dollars on these strikes that really did not hit a lot of military targets but.

Actually had this infrastructure and this week we’re seeing we’re seeing a lot of drone strikes because some experts think they’re trying to save a money because this is not really sustainable going forward so whether this is the critical mass of the attacks right now or they will continue for some time in the future.

That’s again up to whatever how many drones Russia have and how many run will supply um but it’s definitely very concerning for bloody muslinski who needs to sort of preserve the population in a more or less heated conditions as the winter is approaching is of course one of the four regions.

Illegally annexed by Russia officials there say they will help people evacuate as fighting intensifies there so what is Russia preparing for yes and they don’t really have an option to go anywhere else but Russia that’s the concerning part about it that there are Ukrainian citizens there um who would potentially want to go.

Somewhere else but they don’t really have an option because there is a pretty heavy fighting on the uh Western Bank of neber river and Russian Authority said they are going to evacuate a lot of people about 50 to 60 000 people um from this area deeper into Russia as they’ve said um because they are bracing for a pretty.

Big um counter-offensive from the Ukrainian side and this is what the Russian newly established sort of overall commander City said yesterday that the situation is really tense and they might have to you know um take really unpopular decisions which could signal that Russia will withdraw potentially but they will put up a fight.

Before that happens all right Mary Luciano thank you so much Mary

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