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Russian missiles hit civilian targets in Ukraine

Well turning now to Ukraine where Russian forces today launched the largest wave of missiles and drones in weeks Ukrainian officials say nearly 70 missiles were fired the blast knocked out power stations and forced many to flee underground for safety cbs’s Ian Lee reports to missile and drone Russia fires.

Carries death as it soars to its Target everyone intercepted is a Triumph of life Russia launched dozens of missiles today hoping to overwhelm Ukraine’s defenses most were shot down officials say but some made it through one destroyed three homes in zapparisha while in Kiev fragments from one shot.

Down demolished this home along with its Memories We heard the explosions and started running to the cellar my seven-year-old son and I barely made it this woman says Russia’s attack echoed across the capital an early wake-up call to the people of key the defense Ministries.

Office posted this picture of a rocket that flew straight into someone’s home but fortunately failed to detonate for the people of Kiev the Subway has almost become a second home a safe place underground to take shelter while Russia Reigns Terror from above president zielinski addressed the nation vowing to restore power to Millions.

Across the country impacted by the strikes with these attacks moscow’s aim seems clear weaponized the winter by targeting power stations to turn off the heat so life is cold dark and miserable for the people of Ukraine Ukrainian people very angry and they told better we stay without lipstick without hitting but we never give up.

Just last night we heard a loud explosion here in denipro as one of Russia’s iranian-made exploding drones was intercepted in the skies above us by Ukrainian air defenses jurika Ian Lee reporting in Ukraine thank you

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