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Russian missile attack spurs massive fire l GMA

Breaking news overnight a massive Russian missile attack in Ukraine Ukrainian forces intercepting dozens of them Brit Clement is on the scene in Kiev brick good morning good morning well I’m in a district on the Left Bank of Kiev where a house has been completely destroyed after a missile was shot down overhead the.

Falling debris causing a massive fire here and you can still see a charred out car Rubble scattered all over this garden and a large crater on my left here which left an impact after the debris fell now we spoke to a man who was sleeping on the second floor at the time of the impact he said his bedroom wall collapsed in front of him saying.

It’s a miracle that he actually managed to survive calling today his new birthday now this is one of dozens of missiles intercepted this morning almost 70 Rockets were launched into Ukraine as air raid sirens rang out across this country from La Vie in the west to the Eastern hardcave region and down to Odessa in the South infrastructure was.

Also hit leaving hundreds of thousands without power now Keith had been on alert even president lensky warning on Friday to expect another barrage during the holidays wet all right Brett Clan at 4 us thank you well hey there GMA fans Robin Roberts here thanks for checking out our YouTube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the Subscribe.

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