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Russian military strikes different parts of Ukraine over Christmas weekend

So you may have had your power for the holidays but right now in Ukraine most of the people are still spending their holidays in the cold and in the dark the season means nothing to Russia they have not led up but ukrainians have still found ways to celebrate Christmas as Amy Kiley reports only a few days of this year left you.

Must be aware that our enemy will try to make this time dark and difficult for us ukrainians are finding moments of holiday peace amid Russia’s Relentless war no Kamikaze drones are capable of extinguishing the Christmas Dawn the largest religion of Ukraine and Russia is Orthodox Christianity it’ll Mark Christmas on January 7th but today is.

Also a public Christmas holiday in Ukraine and many ukrainians celebrated yesterday these soldiers sat down for a meal together and in Kiev Russia’s infrastructure attacks didn’t stop the lighting of the capital Christmas tree this year it runs on a generator and has energy saving bulbs we will steal our hearts with warmth and.

Light but Russia isn’t backing down for the holiday season its military struck different parts of Ukraine over the weekend most people there are spending the Christmas season in the cold and dark many are cut off from loved ones with few ways to communicate but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost hope I know that Darkness will not prevent us from.

Bringing the Invaders to their new defeats I’m Amy Kylie reporting

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