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Russia Unleashes Wave Of Deadly Drone Attacks On Ukraine

Russia Unleashes Wave Of Deadly Drone Attacks On Ukraine

In Ukraine horrific scenes in Kiev after Russia launched a wave of drone attacks killing at least four people Richard Engel is in Ukraine and Richard these Kamikaze drones as they’re known are a new tactic by Russia Lester it is new Russia is increasingly relying on these iranian-made drones firing them in swarms dozens at a time.

Against Ukrainian cities and the drones are fairly low-tech they don’t carry much explosive power but they can travel great distances they’re highly maneuverable they’re very accurate and they’re extremely inexpensive and hard to shoot down last night right where I am I heard one of these Iranians drones up in the sky and it is very unnerving.

To hear them buzzing above you and knowing that they could dive bomb at any time and that is why ukrainians say they need more air defenses Lester all right Richard you and your team continue to be safe thanks thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today’s top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app.

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