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Russia targets Kyiv with self-destructing drone strikes

Russia targets Kyiv with self-destructing drone strikes

And we’re going to lead off this Monday with the very latest from Russia’s war on Ukraine Kiev is under new attack this morning that is video capturing one of the airstrikes on the Ukrainian Capital this morning Ukrainian officials say Russian forces targeted the city with.

Self-destructing drones now we have video into us that captures an extraordinary moment you’re going to see an air defense missile firing and then the blast from a drone strike foreign the drone strikes sent people on the streets scrambling as air defenses.

Rattle over their heads Ukrainian officials say at least three people have been killed a number of buildings are badly damaged in the aftermath and some are on fire so with that by way of introduction let’s go to senior correspondent Breyer Stewart who is live with us from nepro in Ukraine this morning tell us more.

Briar any further detail on these drone strikes on the capitol today well in fact Heather the strikes actually began late last night air raid sirens were in effect really for large parts of the night and into this morning and what Ukrainian officials say is that there were about 38 drones that targeted all across Ukraine the majority of those.

Uh moved toward the capital Kiev and they said that the majority of them were shot down but obviously the the videos that you’re playing and the images that we’re seeing uh showed just that there was a level of Destruction we know that a high-rise apartment building was hit and that a rescue effort is underway to get people out of the rubble and you.

Know listening to people describe just what it was like to be in the capital and to hear it I mean they talked about hearing a sequence of sounds they talked about the the hum of the drones because they are low flying it’s the sound is very Audible for people then they talked about how they would hear gunfire and that’s because one of the ways that.

Ukraine tries to disrupt these drones is that they they fire at them with rifles so you had members of the military you had officers uh in the Capitol on the streets with rifles pointing to the sky trying to shoot them down and then in many cases we know that there was an explosion now the mayor of Kiev vitelli Klitschko he spoke a little while.

Earlier just about how indiscriminate these attacks are particularly this comes just a week after more than 80 missiles were targeted all across Ukraine and now today you have news of More Death take a listen here in Historical Center Live I’m guilty civilians and what did Russians they destroyed our country they.

Destroyed our hometown Spirit stereotype it’s true it’s a true face of this war now in addition to that high-rise apartment building that was hit there were structures associated with the power grid that were targeted all across Ukraine not just in the capital region but also where I am in nepro because they’re today there are hundreds of.

Villages uh small communities that are without power because the power grid has been damaged and it really doesn’t come as a surprise at all I mean that’s what the strikes were targeting last week and in fact Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had talked about how there are a number of uh infrastructure targets that they hadn’t hit yet and that they would.

Be doing so over the coming days and that is what we saw here this morning Russian forces Breyer it seems are using this kind of drone strike or a drone rather to strike those Ukrainian cities and it seems with more frequency can you tell us any more about them well what Ukraine says that the drones that Russia has have been purchased by.

Iran Iran has denied that but there has been a lot of attention paid to just how these drones operate and how they’re being used I mean I spoke with an analyst this morning who said the thing with these drones are is that they’re relatively cheap to buy and they can be deployed in swarms so you could basically dispatch a bunch of drones to.

Hit a single Target now it’s not quite clear that that’s how Russia is using them but obviously they are sending a number of these up in the sky at one time and I think the the other thing is that analysts are saying is that even though they are low flying it can be hard for them to be detected and that’s just because they’re the body of the.

Drone is actually so small and certain air defense systems simply don’t detect it which is why they do rely on members of the military on the street you know holding the rifles pointing at the sky I did speak with an analyst a little earlier this morning he talked about how you know these these strikes are really a way to kind of instill fear in the.

Population here’s some of my interview it is it mostly seeks to keep ukrainians and by that I mean Ukrainian citizens on their toes and inflict as much damage as possible to uh civilian infrastructure basically to make ukrainians lives miserable and I think that really is just how does the the psyche.

Usually after the strikes last week uh you know where people spend hours in the shelters and in the Metro stations underground people were very fearful but since then it has been you know relatively quiet here I would say but then we saw people running to the shelters again this morning so I do think you know when these things happen.

With a certain level of frequency um you know we will see people’s attitudes adjust even though people in Ukraine talk about you know resiliency and resolve it is quite something when you routinely woken up to aerate sirens and the sounds of explosions Breyer thank you again for today Briar Stewart our senior correspondent who is.

In nepro Ukraine for us

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