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Russia set to capture eastern Ukraine town of Soledar

Russia set to capture eastern Ukraine town of Soledar

Solidar a town known for mining salt not much else is a wasteland humbled unrelentingly by Russian Artillery but Russia’s Army is treating it as a prize we’re sacrificing thousands of lives for from the Ukrainian side this infantry man swears and says the noise of the battle is unbearable Russian troops have purportedly been.

Crawling over the corpses of their own to reach the dug in Ukrainian positions the Orcs as the ukrainians call them are creeping in said the Ukrainian Gunner we get positions from our drones and fry them this video on social media shows Russian soldiers in solidar appearing to confirm earlier reports from the British defense.

Ministry that the town is largely under Russian control with President earlier President Vladimir zielinski framed solidar’s defense as a victory for Ukrainian resilience we bought important additional time and additional strength for our military he said for Russia seizing solidar tightens The Noose around the bigger prize the city.

Of bakmut to the South mercenaries from the Wagner paramilitary Group which include thousands of conscripted Russian criminals have been assaulting the city for months Russia’s Army mobilized 300 000 men this fall which has changed the battlefield Dynamics one thing it did do very effectively was plug holes in the in.

Their front line This British military expert says Russia may be running short on ammunition which could strain its ability to mount new offensives so the indication are the Russians are getting worried um certainly the rate of fire that they’re putting down now is nowhere near what they were putting down in the.

Summer after being stopped here in cave outside of harkiv and driven from her son Russia’s military seemed in disarray but at the very least solidar is a powerful reminder that its Army should not be underestimated Chris Brown CBC News Keith

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