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Russia ‘ready to discuss’ prisoner swap with U.S.

Russia ‘ready to discuss’ prisoner swap with U.S.

A possible glimmer of hope friday for u.s basketball star brittany griner a day after she was sentenced to nine years in prison on drug charges by a court in russia moscow now says it’s open to discussing the possibility of prisoner swaps with washington but only in private conversations and.

Not in the media russia’s foreign secretary sergey lavrov says dialogue will go through an existing diplomatic channel between his country and the u.s the kremlin though is warning washington against using what it calls megaphone diplomacy we put forward as you know a substantial proposal that russia should.

Engage with us on speaking in cambodia friday the top u.s diplomat referring to an offer made to lavrov last week that would see americans held in russia like griner and former marine paul whelan go free that reportedly in exchange for the release of a russian arms trafficker jailed in the u.s.

Greiner was detained in february at a moscow airport after police said vape cartridges containing cannabis oil which is illegal in the country were found in her luggage the 31 year old pleaded guilty to carrying less than one gram of cannabis oil but denied deliberately breaking the law.

Saying it was an honest mistake made as she was rushing to pack for her trip to play for a team in russia the u.s president calling greiner’s sentence unacceptable and the verdict coming as tensions between the u.s and russia are mounting over moscow’s invasion of ukraine blinken accusing russia of using individuals as political pawns.

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