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Riverside County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed; suspect also dead after pursuit ends in Norco

Well this was a scene earlier as dozens of deputies and officers chased the suspect on several of our local freeways before finally ramming his truck on the 15 in Norco hi everyone I’m Susie Sutton tonight for Pat Harvey we have Team coverage of the shooting and the chase our Nicole Comstock is live at the shooting scene.

In harupa Valley for us Nicole well Susie everyone out here in this harupa Valley neighborhood is just so upset learning that this motorcycle Deputy lost his life out here in the line of duty tonight we’re hearing that he was shot and killed right there on the street behind us in front of those Homes at about 2 30 this afternoon we’re.

Going to send you to some video right now to show you what it was like out here several hours ago and these images will show you the urgency that responding officers show when they’re racing over to a call like this knowing that their colleagues have been shot but then hoping and praying of course that their life will be spared now one.

Neighbor who does some volunteer work with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office out here tells us that there are two motorcycle officers who Patrol this area that people out here know them and so this is very personal for neighbors too it sounds like this was some sort of traffic stop where the suspect eventually shot the deputy at close.

Range and then took off and after a while deputies were able to catch up with that suspect if you take a look at this video here of the chase you can tell that they chase them on several Inland Empire freeways this went on for about half an hour from the 15 to the 210 to the 60 and then of course back to the 15 in Norco sources are also telling.

Us out here that the sheriff himself joined this Pursuit which is certainly not surprising to anyone out here who knows Sheriff Chad Bianco he’s known as a sheriff who always has his deputies back and wants to get in the middle of everything that they have to be in the middle of the pursuit came to an end with gunfire and that armored truck.

Pinning the suspect’s truck against the freeway retaining wall there we do as you mentioned earlier now have it confirmed that the suspect is also dead tonight here’s what a neighbor had to say about all of this oh he’s just trying to do his job and I don’t know why the guy got pulled over if he was on drugs or what his.

Problem was but it sucks they’re just trying to protect us so people have no respect for Law Officers well of course we’re waiting to learn more about this Fallen Deputy later tonight their specific contributions to this community who obviously cares about this Deputy so very much and also waiting to hear more about this specific.

Interaction between that deputy and the suspect that ended with both of them dead reporting live in harupa Valley I’m Nicole Comstock we’ll send it back to you in the studio all right

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