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Republican Leadership Remains Silent On Rep.-Elect George Santos

Because we’re now less than a week away from the new Congressional term and Republican house leadership still silent over what if anything they will do about you know who Congressman elect George Santos the incoming lawmaker admitted earlier this week to deliberately lying about several key details of his background including education work.

History and even personal life that’s all just all of it but even without a word from leadership many on the right are calling for a response themselves the Republican Jewish Coalition slams Santos in a statement the group CEO writes this he deceived us and misrepresented his Heritage in public comments and to us personally he.

Previously claimed to be Jewish fellow Republican New York Congressman elect veteran Nick leloda responded on the to the controversy on Twitter writing as a Navy man who campaigned on restoring accountability and integrity to our government I believe a full investigation by the house Ethics Committee and if necessary law.

Enforcement is required the Nassau County Republican committee chair said in a statement that he is deeply disappointed in Mr Santos and expected more than just a blanket apology the damage that his lives have caused to many people especially those who have been impacted by the Holocaust are profound however he stopped short of.

Calling for Santos to resign but Trump adviser Jason Miller went all the way in a social media post he simply wrote this get rid of this loser Santos appeared on Fox News yesterday an interview with a fill-in host former Democratic Congressman Tulsi gabbard who repeatedly called him out for his lies what does the word integrity mean to you.

Well Tulsi thank you for having me you know um so to answer your question Integrity is very important and like I I said to the New York Post embellishment what does it mean though what does it mean because the meaning of the word actually matters in practice of course it means to carry yourself in.

An honorable way and I made a mistake and I think humans are flawed and we all make mistakes Tulsi the thing is Congressman elect uh integrity means yes carrying yourself with honor but it means it means telling the truth being a person of integrity and if I were one of those in New York’s Third District right now now that the election is over and.

I’m finding out all of these lies that you’ve told not just one little lie or one little embellishment these are blatant lies my question is do you have no shame do you have no shame in the people who are now you are asking to trust you to go and be their voice for them their families and their kids in Washington.

Tulsi I can say the same thing about the Democrats and and the party look at Joe Biden Joe Biden’s been lying to the American people for 40 years he’s the president of the United States Democrats will resoundly support him do they have no shame are you Jewish we’ve got a letter that your campaign sent out earlier this year.

Which reads as follows as a proud American Jew I’ve been to Israel numerous times for educational business and leisurely trips you said there in that letter that you are quote a proud American Jew how do you how do you explain that my Heritage is Jewish I’ve always identified as Jewish I was raised a.

Practicing Catholic I think I’ve gone through this even I’ve not not being raised a practicing Jew I’ve always joked with friends and circles even with in the campaign I’d say guys I’m Jewish remember I was raised Catholic so look I understand everybody wants to nitpick at me if Santos thought he was going to get a.

Friendly Forum on Tucker Carlson last night he did not credit to Tulsi gabbard the former democratic congresswoman filling in uh Santos did Apologize in another recent interview where he admitted to embellishing you know all of his resume NBC News has reached out to Santos for a statement nothing there if Republicans were to force Santos to.

Resign it would prompt the special election in the swing District that he flipped which would be risky for the gop’s very thin House Majority Santos has also pledged to vote for Republican leader Kevin McCarthy for house Speaker a vote McCarthy will need next week and Christina Grier seems to me that’s the Crux of this we can make fun of George.

Santos he’s not Jewish he’s Jewish and he basically seems to have made up everything about his past or just about everything about his past but there doesn’t there hasn’t been any condemnation from Republican leadership they have remained silent it certainly looks like he’s on track to take his seat and that’s a large part it’s seems.

To me because Kevin McCarthy needs to count on his vote absolutely John I mean the the fact that Republicans will have a lot of handwringing but no punishment at all for George Santos the fact that they aren’t going to really call for his resignation lets us know that they want that slim majority in the house and with.

Divided government there won’t be many policy positions coming from the Republican Party it’ll be lots of Hunter Biden lots of Hillary Clinton retreads but they don’t want to risk as you said possibly turning this into a special election and losing what was a democratic seat before George Santos was narrowly elected uh just this past.

November hey Susan page heilman here um you know here as a fellow long a journal list in long-standing uh you have sharp eyes and sharp ears the thing that I’m noticing right now about Santos is that he’s only been in this apology tour for a couple days and he’s already starting to get a little prickly about it you hear him say I’ve had I’ve discussed.

This already uh uh Kelsey and uh and uh that people can pick at me um it is usually a side of a candidate of someone who’s trying to dig themselves out of a hole that they are about to either dig a Little Deeper or just completely unravel when they early in the apology tour start to try to play the victim in the apology tour that is.

Always like to me early warning sign for candidate implosion uh ahead you know it reminds me of Southwest Airlines right crisis management has a few basic rules and the first is say you’re sorry make it right promise it won’t happen again and I’m not sure either of these entities either this congressman-elect or the airline has.

Fully digested what it is they need to do to get right with their customers or their voters uh now maybe he’s got some time to do that it’s hard to force a member of Congress to resign if he or she doesn’t want to Republican House Republicans have been pretty tolerant of questionable Behavior by by their members including those who participated.

In the January 6th assault on our democracy so I would be I would not hold my breath waiting for something to happen to force uh George Santos out but I will say it is hard to remember another new member of Congress who has had a rockier start foreign.

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