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Regency attack: Major security plan in place for Jonathan Dowdall sentencing

Regency attack: Major security plan in place for Jonathan Dowdall sentencing

Sentencing proceedings will get underway this morning for Jonathan dowdle and the role he played in the Regency Hotel murder the former Sinn Fein counselor will be sentenced a long time alongside his father Patrick after admitting to facilitating the murder of David Byrne on the 5th of February in 2016. now Mr Darrell and his father will be brought.

To court under armed guard joining minades with the detail is a news talks Court’s correspondent Frank Randy Frank good morning good morning pass so tell us exactly what’s happening today what time and what precautions are being taken well at about half past 11 this morning Jonathan and Patrick Dowda are likely to.

Be brought into the course room again under heavy armed guards and special range was report in place for their centers hearing which took place before the special criminal course a number of weeks ago armed guard the patrolled the vicinity um there were plain clothes guard D at various points in the public Gallery.

Keeping an eye in proceedings um the man father and son were flanked while they sat in the dark they were brought in through the jury box which is unusual they weren’t brought from another area of the course like for example if a person is in custody they would be brought from the Costa area if they’re on bail they would walk through.

The front door like everybody else they were brought in through the belly of the course house and in through the jewelry box so special security Arrangements were put in place and today they are going to find out what custodial sentence if Annie at the course is is mind to hand down to them after they pleaded guilty to facilitating the.

Murder of David Byrne at the Regency hotel six years ago Jonathan dowdle was due to stand trial for David Burns murder alongside Jerry the monk Hutch but as we all know at this stage now um that charge against him will not be pursued and that’s after he pleaded guilty to this lesser charge of facilitating and it’s all in relation to.

The booking of of a room at the Regency Hotel so he and his father will find out today what sentence the course is minded to hand them down now during that hearing which as you say was heavily guarded his defense counsel Michael Higgins said the court should consider imposing a suspended sentence that’s right and that is an option I.

Suppose that’s available to the course the maximum penalty for conviction on this offense is 15 years in prison so it is a very serious offense when you think about the penalty that’s available too at the court and Michael O’Higgins in a very lengthy plea for mitigation um a couple of weeks ago he did make that plea to the judges and and this I.

Suppose relates to I suppose one of the main mitigating factors and features in the case that he put forward is the fact that Jonathan dowdahl and his family are now in protective custody I understand they are being assessed for um with the witness protection program and that’s because as Mr O’Higgins pointed out to the court a few weeks ago.

And he has made a statement to the guy the Apparently implicating others in what’s alleged to have happened at the Regency Hotel back in 2016 and He Is We heard at his sentence hearing willing to testify at the upcoming trial Jerry the monk coach is still due to stand trial for murder all going according to plan that trial is due to begin tomorrow and.

He described how Patrick dowdle’s life as he knows it is now effectively over he said his future is uncertain he did accept that he’s the author of his own Misfortune but he said that he has given material assistance significantly Beyond his own involvement and he said it was hard currency value those are his words exactly hard currency value in that is.

Available to be a witness in a forthcoming trial so that was the major mitigating factor that was put forward a few weeks ago but of course we won’t know what he’ll say until he says it um so I’m just wondering you know you you give someone a sentence and then they don’t deliver on their promises what then.

While the unlock time will tell we don’t know I don’t know what if anything Jonathan Tau doll has told garthy in relation to what happened at at the Regency hotel that trial was due to get underway a few weeks ago but it was delayed because of this significant development and Jerry Hutch’s lawyers asked the courage Foreigner German and.

Was granted and in German so I suppose allow them consider this new evidence I understand that disclosure was due to be made by the prosecution over the past few weeks and they have been considering it now Mr Hutch’s case was mentioned again before the special Criminal Court last week and his defense Barrister said that as far as they were concerned it.

Was all systems go for the trial to open uh tomorrow and for witnesses to be called but I get the feeling that um Jonathan dowdle if he is going to testify you get the impression that that won’t happen until the later stages of the trial just from I suppose some of the things that were said in court last week so time will tell whether he gives.

Evidence in the first instance and and what that evidence is and how helpful it will be when it comes to trial now tell me about this report of a leaked document which was supposed to contain elements of what dowdle had said to the guardi I’ve seen that being reported over the past few days that apparently.

Disappeared on social media and extracts of it proporting to be the statements given to um guardi by Jonathan dowdell the claim is that this was something that was released and linked by you know members of the Hodge criminal organization um I don’t know I don’t know the specifics of it I don’t know whether or.

Not this is genuine I’ve seen what you’ve probably seen in the newspapers in relation to it but again there is a process underway now you know Jerry Hutch is entitled to Fair procedures he has pleaded not guilty to the charge so again if Jonathan Daryl does decide to testify in the case and we don’t know specifically that if that’s going to be.

In relation to Jerry Hodge for example there are two others you know due to stand trial with him tomorrow all be it for lesser charges than murder but there are three people due to sand trial in relation to what happened at the region agency hotel and they like anybody who finds themselves in the dark accused of a crime are entitled to that presumption.

Of innocence and due process Frank thank you very much for that

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