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Rebekah Vardy speaks for the first time since Wagatha Christie verdict | 5 News

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Rebekah Vardy speaks for the first time since Wagatha Christie verdict | 5 News” here is their detail.

It's the first time we've heard from her since losing her libel case against colleen rooney so there's a lot at stake for rebecca vardy let's hear what she has to say starting with the initial conversation with colleen after she accused her of leaking false stories about her i picked up the phone and i called her and basically said.

What the [__] is this she basically just said you know you know what this is she also talks about the abuse and trolling she's had and says doctors warned that the stress could affect her unborn baby i had to go to hospital a couple of times because they were really worried about my mental well-being and also.

I they basically said to me if you don't you know find a way to deal with this and or you know calm things down you know there's a really strong chance that you can have this baby early at one point she says she was getting at least a hundred abusive messages a day on social media and she couldn't take her.

Children to watch their dad play football because of abusive chanting as you walk past past someone in the street well you you're disgusting how could you do that you know you're a rat you're a troll and you know i thought that eventually it would die down it would go away.

But it didn't it just got worse and worse on a positive note rebecca says she isn't the type to hold a grudge when asked what she'd do if she bumped into colleen this was her answer i'd ask if she wanted to go for a cafe nero really yeah that would be nice other coffee chains are available of.

Course but what we don't get from her is any sense of regret she still maintains that she didn't do it but will this be enough to win people over well you never know i think we did want an apology from her and we do expect an apology from her but from a brand point of view this kind of almost vanilla character i mean she mentioned caffeine here you never know.

They might be knocking at her door or costa coffee could be around the corner and you she could be making up a wagon christy board game sponsored by cludo who knows but i think she'll make some money somewhere she's got a hefty legal bill to pay but opportunity can come from disaster it's unlikely that we've heard the last from rebecca vardy ruth.

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