Realme GT Neo 3T: Subtle Compromises, Yet an All-Rounder? | Cell Guru

The latest mid-ranger from Realme is the GT Neo 3T. It’s similar to last year’ GT Neo 2, but it has some appropriate tweaks. Is this a successful all-rounder from Realme? Find out in our review. About NDTV: NDTV brings you unbiased and comprehensive coverage of news and entertainment programmes in India and abroad. NDTV

Realme GT Neo 3T: Subtle Compromises, Yet an All-Rounder? | Cell Guru

The mid-range smartphone segment has evolved to a point where advancements are more evolutionary than revolutionary nowhere it is more evident than in realme’s latest the realme GT Neo 3T takes over from last year’s GT neo2 and keeps much of the same internal and makes a few appropriate tweaks to liven up the formula will that be enough to.

Keep the phone relevant in 2022 let’s find out realme’s designers have been known to take inspiration from the elements food and whatever they surround themselves in clearly they have been playing a lot of chess if the checkerboard pattern at the back of the phone is anything to go by the realme GT neo3t keeps the weight.

Light its use of a plastic bag and a similar polycarbonate frame the materials used are fairly premium to touch and you can see that the company has paid attention to detail meanwhile upfront is a gorilla glass 5 panel for Shatter and scratch protection the GT neo3t keeps the same display from last year as well but that’s not a bad.

Thing the 6.62 inch 120 hertz AMOLED HDR 10 plus capable panel goes plenty bright with over 1300 nits of brightness moreover the color saturation is excellent you can even tweak the color profiles to suit Personal Taste but we enjoy The Punchy colors out of the box the multimedia package of the phone is wrapped up with stereo speakers that are.

Reasonably balanced though the audio quality leaves a bit to be desired Additionally the phone continues with the same under display fingerprint sensor as well it’s quick to unlock and we faced no false detections but that’s it for the hardware package the realme hasn’t made any changes in terms of Ip ratings for water resistance.

Coming to the performance no changes here either the Snapdragon 870 continues to be a champion performer with its excellent thermals and even better be performance all the latest games run just as you would expect and it is easy to max out frame rates in Genting impact Call of Duty mobile or any other title the phone’s interface is also suitably.

Optimized and we came to enjoy the realme UI on the phone so what has changed charging speeds from one the realme GT Neo 3 can now top up its 5000 Mah cell at up to 80 watt speed it’s not a huge upgrade over the 65 watt speeds of the predecessor but it does guarantee that your phone will go from 0-100 in under half an hour.

On the other hand there are no changes to the camera here either the primary 64 megapixel sensor has been further optimized by drill me and now delivers even better deals and more accurate colors overall improvements to HDR performance also shines through and there’s better dynamic range when shooting under.

Dramatically different conditions the only Folly here is the overzels sharpening that can make edges and buildings look just a bit artificial there’s also an 8 megapixel Ultra wide camera that can capture possible shots with sufficient light and rather poor ones without it’s not going to set the mid-range smartphone camera Market on.

Fire but for what it is the phone does the job low light shots are particularly challenging for the ultra wide camera where noise levels shoot out finally coming to the Selfies the 16 megapixel camera struggles with managing sharpness levels and there’s ample noise even in brightly lit situations priced at RS 29 9999 the realme GT neo3t.

Is an interesting move by the company in the game of smartphone chess it’s managed to make compromises in all the right places and deliver a package that does well on most pranks instead of focusing on a single feature and that works just fine if you are in the market for an all-rounder and ons the realme GT new 3D a recommendation from us.