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Raut Chawl Gate | Is Sanjay Raut Playing With Life Of Innocent Tenants? | Blueprint Exclusive

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Raut Chawl Gate | Is Sanjay Raut Playing With Life Of Innocent Tenants? | Blueprint Exclusive” here is their detail.

Moving on now to the big story that we are continuously tracking raut chall gate two days after arresting ships in imp sanjar out for the patra chol land scam the enforcement directorate is today conducting fresh raids at two locations linked to the jailed mp but even as the crackdown continues let's for a moment take a step back from the.

Prosecution and focus on the persecution this case is not just about sanjay routh or the enforcement directorate or the bjp it is about 672 families from the patriarchal who were to be rehabilitated in flats to be built by mahada the maharashtra housing development authority and guru ashish constructions except that those flats were never built.

Instead that land was given to private builders who made private housing societies on it and sold it to private individuals 14 years later all they have are broken dreams debts and destitution foreign the charge is that money from this sale went to sanjay raut's close aid praveen rao who then routed it to sanjaya out.

Through various favors the enforcement directorate claims that praveen rao a close associate of sanjay rauth and other directors of guru ashish constructions misled mahada and sold the land to nine private developers collecting almost 900 crore rupees without constructing either the rehab portion for the 672 displaced tenants or.

The mahara portion now as ships in are led by uddhav and its allies try to defend route by calling enforcement directorate crackdown political vendetta with left in the lurch locals and bjp ask has politics turned nethers blind to poor people's pain don't try to you know just divert the.

Issues you have a issue let the inquiry go on we never said congress never objected only congress is saying let it not not be a political vendetta we are very clear in our mind right so they should get their justice no doubt.

About it as a mumbai president yes i am with them but the same time why don't you talk about 100 crore people 140 crore people are staying in this country their issue we are raising poor people issues we are raising.

All right let's open this up and look let's go across to our guests on the panel we have china ncb spokesperson varun singh senior journalist yogi gaday shivsena leader and meetha chakrabarti political analyst i want to first begin with uh mr garden mr gary do you have answers to the questions that are being asked by these family 672 families their.

Dreams broken looted cheated any answers firstly uh any corrupt from any political parties if there is corruption there needs to be a crackdown on it secondly uh why is the idi notices serve only to opposition parties because this.

Is dangerous for the democracy if you go to see i quote to you there is a bjp mp from sangli who last year said i don't need to fear the idi because i am in the bjp there is also one former congress leader who has entered into bjp a big anita he also said last year i'd uh it's good i joined the bjp i get.

Sound sleep because i have joined the bjp so this is a big message going around in the country if you're in the opposition party then only you aren't you contradicting yourself on one hand you say whoever indulges in corruption should be punished on the other hand you're saying selectively only leaders of the opposition are being.

Targeted but i'm not asking you about you about mr sanjaya or your allegations against the bjp or even in fact the agency i'm talking about these families who have been cheated corruption definitely has happened yes this families need to get justice and yes the court the law will take its course and if you go to see one more.

Point which is very important ma'am uh if you allow me to talk is why is it that when a political leader enters the bjp he is pr of his uh whatever ad charges he's got and all now also there are some mlas who have joined the bjp faction in the government uh they have been served notices so there is nothing happening to them after they have joined.

The bjp so why is it selective my point is only that it should not be selective any person being should an individual be let off without an inquiry without an investigation just because in today's times they belong to a party which is in opposition is that the logic is that the argument.

No see any it should be from every party why is it that only the opposition parties in this particular case okay in this particular case in this particular case sanjaya rao is under the lens yes so let the investigation complete let the investigation take place instead of going conclusions.

Yes we cannot have uh open code on the uh news media absolutely there is a law in our country absolutely and that's why i am the allegation continues against the bjp that this is a selective targeting of leaders in the opposition and mr routh is a victim of that so let's go back to when this scam.

Actually opened it was 2008 it was in 2014 that they got active evidence it is now when there is substantive evidence based on proof that there has been a 1034 crore scam now if we actually look at this objectively what is the enforcement.

Directorate doing it's taking action against perpetrators of crime who have resorted to money laundering who have resorted to all kinds of practices where 672 tenants a lot of whom you have shown have even lost lives just fighting for what they believe is promise flats which were not.

Delivered the redevelopment project where you had uh fraudulent builders like hdl's includes with politicians i only want to ask one question is anybody above the law if they're not please let the honorable courts decide let the investigative agencies decide what is the cost of correction and what is the course of action for all those who say.

That this is bjp i only want to say the enforcement directorate has recovered thousands of cross in this past time where there have been multiple cases which have been against the corrupt against the people who are into money laundering against the people who believe that they are in positions of power and are insulated and nobody will.

Touch them so this is a very positive signal in the right direction without sitting on judgment as to what happened whether it was praveen rao sanjay rao loans being given back and forth property is being bought i don't think we need to sit on judgement let the honest truth come out nobody is going to be a victim but.

Nobody is going to be you know somebody has been involved in these families 672 families i want to bring in senior journalists varun singh as well varun singh houses clearly have not been built for the families the rent that was supposed to be paid to them also stopped in 2015. at this point of time of course apart from the political blame game the.

Focus entirely needs to be on the grievance of these families you know absolutely and as we have a session of spokesperson i would like to publicly thank the then social leader who was a minister of state housing in devendra government who actually ordered an investigation a one member investigation.

Team comprising of then housing secretary sheikh khan since who carried out an investigation after him sanjay kumar who became the housing secretary and in 2017 april he submitted a report clearly stating that there is a problem there is a scam that has happened and after that the investigations went.

Ahead aowed in 2018 the case was registered and that is when sander out next with ravindra started stumbling out of this whole thing you know there's always this thing that the cds attacking uh only leaders of the opposition i am not a bjp spokesperson but let me tell you even bjp leader in november as late as november 2020 has been arrested from.

Surah in gujarat his name is firma the other fellow has been arrested in october 2021 he is dr he is a close aide of yaduraka so the ed is acting against everyone all right are independent agencies let them work and if you are not corrupt if you have not done any wrong then don't be scared of it these are not my words these are.

Outward when okay in 2018 these are not my birth all right stay on stay on stay on i want to bring in as well it's very important here to highlight the plight of these families and also you know the party that always talks about marathi asmita and fighting for.

The cause of marathi asmita shouldn't that party today actually be demanding answers and in public take a stand that yes you know you need to figure out who really is responsible for this instead of playing this whole political vendetta blame game okay good evening and some monetary time please first of all uh in recent times.

And i'm just placing some hardcore data there had been a 27 times increase in the number of cases registered under ed in the past eight years however the conviction rate remains less than one percent it is 0.5 so my first concern is that why how come that ed interrogations are happening there are more than 3 000 raids that have been conducted but are.

These raids being conducted only to create a political narrative a political perception in the media or are they actually going to be held accountable to bring it to a logical conclusion and would the guilty be actually booked and arrested my second query is why are likes of shubindo.

Mukul ray heman vishwa chanma shubhikari was seen accepting money on camera how come there is not a character that has been filed in shahruda narada's camp against stands as a tall bjp leader i'm asking a very simple question haven't these families been defrauded weren't they promised that houses will.

Be built for them what happened to that that is my plain and simple question but what we are witnessing at this point of time is that the entire focus has been taken away from that and the focus is on the political blame game which continues but stay on with us i think we once again need to listen to those families let's play out those reactions.

Successfully foreign justice will be done then how is it political vendetta today what about these families sir yes uh this families need justice definitely and uh the as you said the case has been registered and the law will take its course.

And uh if you allow as you have invited us on your show uh to put our views so if you if you allowed can i continue ahead absolutely i have given you more time than the other panelists please go ahead please go ahead now mr if you can hear me hello.

Yes now i can sorry there was a connection problem all right i was saying as you have invited us on the show so i've heard that sir and i said i've given you more time than other panelists please go ahead okay yes so uh definitely as uh the bjp um shine also said the courts the law will decide what is to uh action.

To be taken against but my only uh concern is why is it only the opposition leaders are being served the ed notices if you go to see in such and the conviction rate is very low it is very dangerous been waiting for 14 years sir yes but if you go to see there are so many.

Leaders who have been served notices and once they also want to find out who defrauded them don't you want the investigation don't you want the guilty the culprits to be punished yes yes the culprit should be punished absolutely then let the investigations conclude absolutely absolutely for.

Should go on if the culprits uh should be punished yes and also if we want to have an healthy democracy we should not hide the politicians if they enter the ruling party if they enter the bjp then they are rid of the sins this is also wrong because all right you know that's that's all the.

Time i have that's all the time i have as far as these families are concerned it's been 14 years they are still waiting houses were promised to them but they were ultimately defrauded now when the investigation has picked up pace there are narratives of this being a political vendetta bjp and ships in are blaming each other for what really is.

Happening on ground thank you very much gentlemen hannah nc and mita chakraborty for joining us

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