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Rajdeep Sardesai Decodes Why Mallikarjun Kharge Won Over Shashi Tharoor

Rajdeep Sardesai Decodes Why Mallikarjun Kharge Won Over Shashi Tharoor

Today’s top story comes from the grand old party the Congress which literally in a way has suggested that it is a party that values age above all else at the age of 80 is the new Congress president the first non-gandhi uh Congress president in more than two decades and the final numbers were interesting 7897.

1072 416 invalid polled 9385. now looking at those numbers you’d call it a grand sweep on the other hand that’s just the way the Congress operates the Congress in a way had decided the moment Mr kharge put his nomination that he had the stamp in a way as the official.

Unofficial candidate of the Congress leadership now Rahul Gandhi to his credit stayed away from the entire electoral process but a lot of the Sonia loyalists were seen with when he was filing his nomination and at that moment you knew it was game set and match now the easy way therefore would be to call it a fixed match the other.

Way would be to see it as at least a stab at some kind of internal democracy where delegates were actually allowed to vote and actually told through an SMS the day before the election that they should exercise their independent opinion now let me tell you if you did a SWOT analysis why did kargi score over tharu kharge is experienced he’s come up.

From the Block Level the son of a mill worker so a kamdar in the truest sense Shashi taru also is a kamdar comes from a middle class family but relatively nascent to the Congress structure he may be a three-time thiruvananthapuram MP but he’s never really been an organizational man and when it comes to the Congress president that’s what.

Matters remember good old sitaram kesri he knew every nook and cranny of the Congress organization because he’d been a party treasurer for years now you and I may well think that Mr tarur is the kind of man the Congress needs a disrupter a younger face someone would offer something different the Congress worker and delegate trust.

Me things differently to us in their Congress system Mr kharge seen as someone who provides a comforting presence someone because he’s been around so long knows exactly which buttons to press when and we could therefore argue as I often have that the more things change the more they remain the same in the.

Congress the real test is not just who becomes Congress president the real test is what role does Rahul Gandhi play now because he is the elephant in the room and he remains like it or not the most popular leader within the Congress and number two will Mr kargay now bring in democratization by allowing elections for example to the Congress working.

Committee and do away with the nomination culture and while we focused on the Congress over the last few weeks here’s a question does the BJP really elect its president like Mr nadda does the cpim really elect its General Secretary like Sitara mirchuri and do.

All the regional parties really elect their supremos there’s a larger question of exactly how to create the perfect internal democracy system in a country like India till then it is the Congress President we wish him well as we wish all from all parties for more informative videos like this keep.

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