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Questions remain after death of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Questions remain after death of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri” here is their detail.

The safe house where ayman al-zawahiri hid in kabul now bears the scars of two hellfire missiles sent to kill him in this case we use an unmanned aerial vehicle with with missiles obviously and two of those missiles were fired at mr zawari while he was outside on that third floor.

Balcony 71-year-old al-zawahiri was osama bin laden's number two a key planner for the 9 11 attacks on the world trade center after bin laden's death he became the wanted leader of a weakened al-qaeda the taliban has condemned the drone strike on its soil but the u.s says allowing al-zawahiri to.

Hide in afghanistan violated an agreement made prior to the u.s withdrawal we are communicating directly with the taliban about their obligations not to allow al qaeda to use afghanistan as a basis for plotting canadian maureen basnicki whose husband ken was among those killed on 9 11 has mixed feelings about the.

Implication of al zawahiri's death happy that one evil man has been eliminated from our lives i'm anxious because even though one kingpin has been murdered i'm sure that there's many out there wanting to replace him al-zawahiri's death is likely to be damaging to al-qaeda but.

Experts say it won't cause any lasting harm to the groups it has inspired like isis and al-shabab there are several affiliated groups that could continue to to advance bin laden's original vision for what he wanted this al qaeda enterprise to do and these groups have remained the.

More viable parts of that enterprise even in the past decade plus al qaeda had been trying to build its strength after years of decline there is no word on a successor carolyn dunn cbc news calgary

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