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Queen Elizabeth death: Can King Charles III keep the monarchy alive?

Queen Elizabeth death: Can King Charles III keep the monarchy alive?

This week’s pomp and pageantry proclaiming charles the new king but not everyone is rolling out the red carpet anti-monarchist protests across the country are nothing new their movement.

Is as old as the monarchy but some republicans believe their time has finally come i think the debate has always before been overshadowed by the justifiable appreciation for the queen as a person for the first time i think more and more people are beginning to think why.

Should this random guy be the king indeed compared to the queen charles is a far more polarizing figure around two-thirds of the british public support charles is king but his support is lowest among young britons while people hope and expect him in general to be a good king there’s less.

Obvious opinion whether he’ll be a unifying figure or as much of a unifying figure as people would like him to be across the commonwealth some countries are now eyeing the exit leaders of caribbean nations are openly talking about leaving the monarchy last week the prime minister of antigua and barbuda said he’ll call a referendum within.

Three years jamaica is planning the same and barbados ditched the crown last year it doesn’t look like you know him coming to the throne suddenly started to rush through the door that the move has started already and i think you will see a number of commonwealth states becoming republic anipso’s poll for global news found nearly 60 percent of canadians.

Want a royal referendum in australia the prime minister has ruled out a vote in his first term but he also appointed a minister for the republic this is the first time that has ever happened but i think the assistant minister for the republic the idea is that he he prepares australia to have the conversation.

About whether we become a republic but in many countries including canada abolishing the monarchy would require reopening the constitution for which there’s little political appetite and the royals still have plenty of star power waiting in the wings republicans tend to underestimate the staying power of maliki it is worth.

Just considering that the new prince and princess of wales as they are called they have star power they also i think are deeply caring and they and their children are the future of the monarchy long term with the queen gone will and kate are now the most popular royals but by the.

Time this prince becomes king his dominion may be diminished jeff semple global news london

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