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Putin threatens to escalate fighting with Ukraine | GMA

Putin threatens to escalate fighting with Ukraine | GMA

The war in ukraine russia’s president putin threatening to escalate the fighting that as ukraine is pointing to new evidence of russian war crimes hundreds of people found buried in the woods abc’s lama hassan joins us now from london as investigators work to identify the bodies discovered in territory recently occupied by russia.

Llama a unbelievable discovery yeah good morning to you janae it’s a shocking discovery a mass burial site in a forest in the outskirts of israel which is a newly liberated city in eastern ukraine rows of graves with wooden crosses some have names others are just marked with a number ukraine’s.

President vladimir zelansky says at least 450 people most of them civilians including women and children were buried at the site the regional governor adding that some of the bodies had their hands tied behind their backs now president zielenski is accusing russia of torture and war crimes adding that an investigation with international help is.

Underway russia has not responded to these allegations but vladimir putin has dismissed a ukrainian counter-offensive warning that russia will respond forcefully if its troops were put under further pressure and this of course all comes as the us pledges another 600 million dollars worth of military aid to ukraine whit llama thank you.

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