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Putin declares martial law in occupied territories

Putin declares martial law in occupied territories

We turned out of the war in Ukraine the ominous move from Vladimir Putin tonight in a televised address Putin imposing martial law in the four Ukrainian territories he illegally annexed so what does this now signal Russia also announcing the mass evacuation of civilians from the key southern city in Ukraine of Herson again a signal of what.

Could be coming and what Secretary of State Anthony blinken told our George Stephanopoulos late today here’s our chief foreign correspondent Ian panel in heart cave tonight as Ukraine and Russia exchanged new rocket and missile strikes today Vladimir Putin declared martial law in the four regions of Ukraine that.

Russia’s illegally annexed it gives authorities there more power to crack down control even mobilize the population Putin also ordered new emergency powers for the heads of all the regions within Russia itself it’s a sign that more sweeping new restrictions May lie ahead for the Russian people as Putin’s war unravels and it is.

Unraveling in the Strategic southern city of her son today the only Regional Capital held by Moscow where russian-backed authorities began the forced evacuation and removal of some sixty thousand civilians a pro Kremlin official claimed it was to protect them but Ukrainian officials warned Russia wants to use them as human Shields U.S.

Secretary of State Anthony blinken telling George Stephanopoulos Putin is getting desperate and saying that he’s declaring martial law in places that he claims have people who somehow want to be be part of Russia that speaks to speaks to his desperation we met some of the 92nd Brigade today who led the fighting in Haku and then now heading.

East we’ve come to a position with Ukrainian soldiers who’ve been on the front line This is where they’ve just moved back to they’ve been active in this fight since the War Began and you can see how well some of their positions are now hidden from Russian targets many of these soldiers were civilians eight months ago what’s it.

Like how tough is it really out there Vadim used to be a teacher he says war is terrifying but you get used to everything I mean where’s this man you said Williamson his comrade Ivan who used to be a pre-med student agrees war is terrible he says we all feel it here but we do our job as best we can well this move by Vladimir Putin is.

Prompting a number of fears David he’s already mobilized reservists rounded up conscript even released prisoners and now we have these Draconian new powers but I think tonight the biggest fear of all is that Putin follows through on his biggest threat to potentially use a nuclear weapon here David Ian panel our chief foreign.

Correspondent in Ukraine tonight Ian our thanks to you again and we should mention we’ll have much more of George’s interview with Secretary of State Lincoln that’s tomorrow morning right here on Good Morning America hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get.

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