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Putin declares martial law in four Ukrainian regions

Putin declares martial law in four Ukrainian regions

All is not going as planned for the Russian president nearly eight months into a grinding War Vladimir Putin is now as the U.S puts it resorting to desperate tactics one of those tactics coming Wednesday Putin declaring martial law in four russian-occupied regions of Ukraine that Moscow last month claimed as its own.

Territory the announcement coming on the same day as Russian installed officials in one of those regions her son told civilians to get out ASAP ahead of an expected Ukrainian attack this push though dismissed by Ukrainian authorities as a propaganda show for now it isn’t exactly clear what Putin’s martial law will mean for the situation.

On the ground but it may trigger restrictions on things like travel and public Gatherings this latest escalation follows Russian losses on the battlefield the West reacting as expected no matter what the Kremlin says or does no matter what they try to enact via decree via paper or otherwise Crimea donx Carson hunt and zaparizia are.

Ukrainian Sovereign territory another tactic Russia has been turning to stepped up attacks using explosive drones the wave of aerial assault since last week hammering Ukraine’s energy infrastructure something the EU says amounts to war crimes targeted attacks on civilian infrastructure with a clear.

Aim to cut off men women children of water electricity and heating with the winter coming these are acts of pure Terror Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski held crisis meetings Wednesday on how to prevent a nationwide blackout with plans in the works for mobile power points Melissa Duggan City news.

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