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Province provides more support to recruit foreign nurses

Province provides more support to recruit foreign nurses

As BC continues to Grapple with the need for nurses The Province says it wants to remove barriers in hopes of bolstering the Health Care System well right now candidates in this scenario are waiting three years to be granted registration our goal is to bring it down with these reforms to between four to nine months Premier David EBY says for nurses.

Trained abroad The Province plans to spend 1.3 million dollars to streamline the licensing process whether a nurse was trained in our Province or not we’re ready to welcome those who are ready to care for British Columbians this pedia electric nurse from the Philippines says she managed to navigate the system but others have not in the unit I work now I.

Am the only ien however a lot of our clerks our care aides were all nurses back in their home countries for Canadian trained nurses the government will offer financial support of up to four thousand dollars to cover applications assessments and eligible travel costs for current nurses to re-enter the system there will also.

Be up to ten thousand dollars in bursaries for any additional education they may need to get back to work despite nursing shortages the province’s opening Hospital Emergency Operations centers to help deal with the highly transmissible covet variant xbb 1.5 Health Minister Adrian dick says 10 000 people were in acute care across the.

Province as of Thursday up six percent from New Year’s Eve historically high levels of people in hospital that were facing the most challenging period in healthcare which is typically January and February we’re in the midst of a respiratory illness season and a pandemic the president of the BC nurses Union meanwhile says vacancies abound as.

Of this past spring 5200 vacancies here in BC and by 2031 we need 26 000 new nurses for its part The Province says 2 000 nurses are in the registration and assessment process now and could be working in 90 days Mira Baines CBC News Vancouver

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